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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Death Sentence.

It's the Yellow Ribbon month. It's a very successful campaign that created awareness for a cause that no one really cares or supports. Ex-offenders and offenders is a cause that is at the bottom of the list whom people will donate to. Can't blame the public. After all, they did make the mistake and they should suffer the consequences. Putting prejudices aside, have we thought why they'd commit crimes? Some of them commit crimes on purpose, some out of folly (no/low education), some out of desperate measures.

Ok, so why should we help rehabilitate ex-offenders?
Because it does the society more good than harm. If the society accepts and help them reintegrate, we help reduce recidivism= a safer country.

Common sense tells us it's wrong to take a life, yours or someone else's. So then is it right for the law to take another's life with the death sentence? My opinion to life imprisonment is yes, but but should the law play God. Then again, there might be the problem of over-crowding in Prisons. Then again, child rapists or any kinda rapists ought to be castrated, if not the death penalty.
From within Changi Prison: A man had an affair with a woman when his wife was pregnant. When the mistress started threatening the man in telling his wife, he got scared and murdered the mistress. While he was in Prison, his son was born. Physical touch during Prison visits is strictly prohibited (Other than obvious security reasons, I believe it's one form of punishement to eliminate the freedom of physical touch that every human innately craves for).

Just before the man was to be hung, he made a plea to the judge for him to hold his baby for the first and the last time. Making a human call, the judge relented and bent the rule.

There wasn't a dry eye in the viewing room of the hangman gallery.

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