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Monday, September 13, 2010

Stranded Bunny .

Came home to find my bunny perched percariously above water 5 inch deep. Her food bowl was submerged, her bed was floating.
If she is any fatter, she won't be able to fit onto that tiny platform. I'll come home to find a drowned rabbit or a bunny with wobbly knees (from standing on 2 paws submerged and 2 paws holding onto the cage grills)

My bunny's cage is kept in the corridor because my mum can't stand the smell and there isn't room in the flat. Personally, i think it's cruel to keep pets caged up without a garden but since the bunnies were a present to my brother, we make do with letting the bunnies (yes, we have 2) hop around the corridor every evening. They love hoping over to the neighbour's potted plants to nibble or nestle in between (and i end up having to pluck the entire part the bunny nibbled so my neighbour won't find out the bite). It helps foster neighbour's relations (or so i think) as the small children come to poke their fingers in, and even brought our bunny back when she hopped into their house.
We put a lock on the cage because there is one ****er who kidnapped my hamster late one night and burned my furball with a lighter. When i noticed it missing, i went to look for it, to find this ****er sitting downstairs at the stone table and flicking his lighter. There i was, vulnerable in my Hello Kitty PJs (i was 16 then), and he was a skinny bespectacled chao Ah Beng. Even though i was a Judo champion, i was hum ji. I didn't charge forward like a woman wrestler and Judo throw him (which i should). I just STARED at him, 10 feet away. STARED REALLY HARD. I imagined i was Cyclops from X-men.

I won the staring compeition and he scrambled away.
(and you'd think chao Ah Bengs are notorious at winning staring compeitions)

My hamster was effectively a burn victim. It was red and its fur was damp. I cursed and swear at that ****er (but silently in my head. Told you i'm HUM JI already!) I called the Police and told them there is a very bad man loitering around (they said they'll increase the patrols, that was it.) I wanted to install survellience cameras outside my house, but i had no money. My hammie was a trooper. It didn't seem like it was in much pain at all (can animals have expressions? I swear i saw an expression of pain on my hamster when she was in labour). I contemplated taking it to the vet to treat the burns but i had no money. It miraculously healed within the next few days ( i prayed really hard, gave it plenty of nice food and also stared really hard).
That's a plastic bag laid on the floor, so the bunny won't pee in my house. Waiting for my brother to come home to sort out the flooded cage. My bunny prefers making a tentage out of it instead.
My refugee bunny. Saved from the flood.

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