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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Tiger Time!

When you think of Tiger, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Kopitam, aunties and uncles. Tiger might not be your choice (since it's seen as obiang: old fashioned), you'd rather be seen tinkling glasses of Moet. Do you know what the Ang Mohs like? Tiger is available in more than 60 countries worldwide including Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand and the Middle East.

I hate it when Singaporeans complain how boring Singapore is, how stupid campaigns are etc. I am very proud of my country. I once wore red and white out (by mistake), and my ex-school mate called me and say "EH! I saw you at the bus interchange! You look like a flag walking up and down!"

He was being sarcastic obviously, but I won't be mocked.

Uncle pointing to us where Tiger Time is (Clock behind also says Tiger Time!)
Have never been to a brewery, so it was rather cool but actually quite boring (i need roller coasters).
My cheapskate brother attacked the beer tap. I never liked drinking beer, but i took a sip and i actually liked it! I think it tastes better at the brewery (obviously).
Can you guess what Chinese characters we're playing? We were educated on how to appreciate beer (just like wine appreciation), shown around the historical museum and factory line (cans spinning around were kinda alluring), told stories of beer bottles exploding occassionally due to high pressure (this sounds exciting!).
I believe they conduct tours for the masses because i saw a brochure with a hotline for group tours. However, they are undergoing a renovation now (thus this tour for us), i hope roller coasters (with exploding beer bottles as we escape roaring tigers) will be included in the new revamp!
Like any Singaporean, i was looking forward to the food at the end of it. Quite sad to say, it was disappointing. But ok, free one, mai hiam.
Your event will suck if you don't give a goodie bag. Sorry, honest opinion of a Singaporean. So Tiger scored with that! 大包小包的回家。I am giving one goodie bag away to readers. APB memorablias like torch light, umbrellas etc. So if you're a hard core fan, email me.
Bebe Fashion event with free mobile massages, thumbs up!

With free flow wine (nice), cocktails (weird), sparkling water (atas) and ice-cream (watered down).
The fringe activities were awesome though. Free fashion styling, hair and make-up, and manicures.
This November, i will be checking out Hotel 81. Finally, i can see if it's true that people use that place for sex.
Spying from the windows opposite. The latest boutique hotel, Wanderlust. I hope i get to see some sexciting action, will be a great bonus birthday gift.

Before we blindly embrace the Korean, Western, Japanese popular culture, think about following our local talents, fashion, designers. Before we pass the borders pitying the unfortunate, think about starting charity in our heartlands.

After all, everyone's family here in Singapore. Our bus "Uncle" drives us to offices, schools and play areas. The bak chor mee "Uncle" and bakut teh "Auntie" feeds us, and will even ask if we want to Tapao(takeaway) or where we sit (because they will come find us lovingly). At night, when we miss our bus, the Taxi "Uncle" will deliver us to the door step. Children whom i don't even know call me Jie Jie (sister) at the playgrounds. Ang Mohs adament to calling everyone Uncle and Auntie here (because they're really NOT my uncle and auntie!), eventually gave in and blend in.

Right at home, Singapore.

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