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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review: Charlie St Cloud

Zac Efron.
Zac Efron. 
Zac Efron. 
Zac Efron. That's pretty much the only reason why you'll watch Charlie St Cloud. When i saw the movie trailer, i was prepared to tear in the cinema. Only to be disappointed that my tear ducts weren't activated (crying is a form of release, and it's beneficial to cry).

Charlie St Cloud, however, did have a very good plot. It is about a boy who inevitably caused the death of his 11 year old brother. Since then, he gave up his prestigious scholarship, gave up his love for sailing, gave up friendship, and pushed his mother away. In short, gave up living (although he is NOT suicidal). It’s like a romantic Sixth Sense, because Charlie can see DEAD PEOPLE. It's such a pity that the execution of the movie didn't take my breath away, given for the fairly intriguing plot. The movie was slow moving, but having plenty of Zac Efron close-ups was the saving point.

 The movie has a message to tell, that Life is for Living and make it the best you can. I know there are depressed people out there ( i have my dark moments too), but think how fortunate you are with your limbs intact, born in a blessed country as compared to the less fortunate. We shouldn't fret over not having the lastest Ipad, fret over not being famous, or fret over a broken relationship. There's still alot more to live for.

And if you ever feel like dying? Please do so properly, otherwise this is how you'll be remembered forever.

Extracted from, by David Wong

The following is a true story. I knew a girl in High School named Skyler. One day, not long after her 17th birthday, she got fed up with life and swallowed a whole bottle of pills. I would go into why, but we never knew why. All she left behind was a squiggly suicide note, scrawled in a tearful rage on the back of an Arby's receipt.

To make things worse, the devastating last line of her note, "I'M FINISHED WITH YOUR SHIT" was put down so sloppily that her family read it as, "I'M FAMISHED FOR MORE SHIT."

The family thus were led to believe that Skyler suffered from Coprophilia, or a fetish for eating human feces. And since death is no time to judge a person, Skyler's mother and father and three brothers openly embraced what they believed to be their beloved's love affair with poo. Who knows, maybe it was her shame over this unusual habit that pushed her over the edge. So they went public with the note, outing their poop-loving daughter to the community as to shed light on those still persecuted.
 Skyler's classmates rallied around her memory, condemning the fecalphobes who they figured had taunted her as she took repeated trips to life's turd buffet. A memorial service was held in our school gym two days later and first up to the podium was little Kim Wittaker (a teammate on Skyler's dance team), who read this poem dedicated to her memory:


with your newfound wings,

you can fly high-ler

you'll have the poop pile of kings

and a golden poop piler

wherever you're at,

you have phat scat sat near the fat scat vat

we miss you

At this point, Principal Clark unveiled an airbrush painting by award-winning art student Cody Gunderson, which would honor Skyler's memory by forever hanging in the main entranceway of the school.

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