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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oktober Fest

I've never been to one Zoukout, but i've been to Giant Preztel Fest, twice.
A night where the giants, i mean germans come out to eat, drink and be merry (not that they don't do that on other days). Held at the Swiss Club, a huge white tent was set up, and everyone was fed full in a decorated canteen. Complete with dressed up servers.
I'd say there's about 500 people or more there, but i am impressed with the organisation of the event. It was airy, plenty of space to move about, no ridiculous queue for food and drinks, and the mobile toilets outside were actually stench free!
Feeding on German grub, i love the sour cabbage. They're famous for their sausages, what we had are the real deal! Soft, juciy, it bursts in your mouth. A far cry from the ones in the supermarket (even if they say its German) or German restaurants. I wonder if they flew them in specifically for Oktober Fest?
Human size cow roasted on the spot. Whets your appetite.
The 'be merry' bit comes with stage entertainment that is alot of song and dance, with a short introduction on the German culture. Followed by alot of drinking.
My turn,my turn!
Let me tell you first the rules of drinking. 
 Like a baby to his milk bottle.
And then we stand on tables and do a bench top dance while crooning to the German songs.

The boys kept piling us with drinks, i secretly threw them out under the table. I hope no one slips and fall. I am not responsible. *grin*
The giant pretzels are actually EDIBLE! Costs $8. You can eat it for a week! Reminds me of the Chinese legend where a mother ties a big biscuit around her son's neck when she has to leave home for a week. She returns to find her son dead in bed. Because he was too lazy to use his hands to lift up the biscuit.
We bought souveniers from the temporary stores! The boys were very generous, they piled us with coupons and asked us to GO SHOP! We pretty much bought EVERY item there is in the shop sans the GIANT PRETZEL. No one wants to bring home a giant pretzel! BUT THE SADDEST THING WAS SOMEONE STOLE OUR GOODIES!!

We bought cute aprons, cute mugs, cute hats..but ALL GONE!! The thief didn't steal our handbags but stole our souveniers!!

I'm so upset, i'm going to stop writing and go mop.

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