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Monday, September 27, 2010

Three is Never a Crowd.

If my mum stopped at one, he’ll have to talk to air.
If my mum stopped at two, they’ll have to settle with chess.
But my mum had three, so we have a lot more to play!
My family has been very blessed with a father who as the sole bread winner, works hard to take us on a family holiday at least once a year. The gung-ho (and maybe a little cheapo) dear man loves to do the driving and planning on himself. That leads us mostly to off-the-beaten tracks instead of the usual tour bus routes. Once, in Paris, having driven automatic cars for the last 7 years, he forgot how to use the manual stick to reverse. Guess what we did? All 4 (mum included) of us got out, on the busy Paris highway and PUSHED the car BACKWARDS. We got a lot of stares obviously, not to mention our socks with sandals were a tell-tale sign of chi-na tourists.

It’s awesome to have the siblings around when travelling. To combat the waiting periods at airports, to entertain ourselves when parents are engrossed with sampling health products at nature farms, here’re the games that can ONLY be played if you have three (and you need ZERO props or preparation).

1)      Zero point
Tie a string of rubber bands together and the objective of the game is to jump over a certain height. Obviously you’ll need 3 to play because you need 2 to hold, akin to a jumping rope.

2)      Pepsi Cola 1, 2, 3.

3 people huddle in the middle, and when Pepsi cola 1, 2, 3 is chanted, they all step apart, farthest from each other as humanly possible. Then they take turns in trying to jump on each other’s foot. You can dodge when some attacks.

Technically, you CAN play this if you’re a duo. But it gets boring within 1 minute which is not enough time for parents to even pop more than 2 nuts, with 3 people; you might be able to last 5 minutes which allows purchase of 2 bags of nuts.  

3)      Chop Chilli Chop Chilli

I wonder who invented this game, but I wasn’t able to search it out (Google is NOT invincible! Gasp!) As the chant goes on (Chop chilli chop chilli chop chop chop), one player passes on an action to another. You always have to start the first action with one palm facing up, and the other hand making a chopping motion. Then you move on to an action that you fancy in the same rhythm and the second player follows suit and the third so forth. Technically, you can also play this if you’re a duo, but that will be absolutely retarded.

Omy turns 3 this year and I must say there has been no better club than the Omy Blog Club. So many opportunities have come my way since I joined this year. Don’t be intimidated with the number of Chinese characters found on board; the freebie opportunities do come in English. Looking forward to growing old with them.

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts.

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