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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Case Study 1.1

2 weeks ago, i wrote about how cheap love is amongst the younger generation. Today, i found another example of what real love is.

Cheating between lovers transcends race, culture and age.

From my observation, I believe that Asian men tend to strive to have their cake and eat it by having an affair yet maintaining their marriage. Most Asian women also turn a blind eye to their husband’s philandering ways because they do not want to jeopardize financial stability and risk social stigma.

Caucasians, however more than often decide to come clean with their affairs, admitting they’ve lost feelings, gave in to temptation etc. and let the betrayed decide. The low divorce rates in Asia does not equate to a low figure of marital affairs.

That being said, one value that differentiates an Asian dude and a Westerner is that the Asian man believes in being the sole provider while Westerners have no qualms about going dutch (both male and female). While pre-nuptials are popular and often practiced in America, in Asia, its mandatory that the man has to split half of his assets (that came to fruit after marriage) with his divorced wife (even if she has no children). However, in increasing affluent Singapore, with the immersion of modern society, the Asian men ARE complaining about having to foot the bill all the time. At the same time, i have also met Caucasians who believe in being the sole provider of the relationship.

It is also a popular belief that Caucasians are more romantic than Asians, while Asians provide better. Or Asians will cheat less than a smooth talking Caucasian.

Personally, i don't think you can stereotype characteristics based on one's culture and race, although the environment, family and society that we grow up in definitely has some effect.

I feel exceptionally proud of the Chinese when the Peacock man said this is what a man should do. Call me traditional, but it was actually very touching.

Yet, still i believe love transcends age, race and culture.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the video.

Glad to see that you're enlarging your repertoire of topics.

Anyway, the phrase to the later post is "go home and mope".

Anonymous said...

Thanks Silver, I finally saw true love does exist. =)

Xtine said...

Anon 1: thanks for pointing out my spelling, i learn something new or rather refreshed my primary school english. my bad ;p

also, i suppose as i grow up, my blog matures too? In general, i write about whatever i am feeling at the moment.

Anon 2: thanks, but i'm not silver ;p Glad to be associated though. She's gorgeous.

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