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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is certainly a place for the rich and famous. Thanks to Belle, i had the chance to witness another of Singapore's proudest moments.
I was at the Paddlock Club, and many famous people must have walked past me. Except i was oblivious to how Britain's Prime Minister looked like, how Virgin's billionaire looked like or even the racers (except Lewis Hamilton) etc. All i know was i saw couple of Miss Universes, our PM and President, Jade Seah (who looked better in person), Tay Ping Hui (with his obliging petite wife who looked better in person too. Who smiles when fans ask for a picture with her husband), Utt (who is still boyish cute, altho could tell he aged) and Glenn Ong (who is very fair now).
Astounding acts happened around. Gorgeous European sopranos serenaded, sizzling hot Brazilians sashayed, and this dude seems to be hanging in the air….A rectangular black box covers him up as he gets into and out of the position. There’s definitely a trick behind this act.
Survival kit aka Ear Plugs is a must. It's deafening!!

But of course, Edison was there too. His minder said he can’t take a picture, but Edison told me he’s joking. I said he lost weight (how would I know?! I’ve never seen him in person before. Hahaha!), he told me he’s been running (why would he explain? I’ve never seen him before! Hahaha.). And then, I can’t help thinking of the pictures of his wiener. If he lost weight, did it shrink too?
Like how a woman’s cup size fluctuate with weight.

Formula 1 is denitely something to experience once, but only if you get to be in the Paddlock Club. After all, why would it be exciting if you just see the cars zoom past once?

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geck said...

xtine! Your posts are always so interesting.. :DD ha and you are so witty.


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