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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chippendale, not a Cartoon for Children.

The Chippendales have a history of 30 years. Maybe if i'm in the 70s, i'd find them hot. But from this video, they looked rather gay, even with the blatant innuendos, they aren't doing anything to me...
but i've heard about them, actually first from Roz's blog and i was just wondering what is all the hype about?
Freebie Queen as i am, i got to know they were performing at Formula One, and it's a show for females only. This i had to see.

Stoked that i got my ticket, i independently braved the show alone. I got A class seats though, something i would have paid more than a hundred for at the Indoor Stadium maybe.
There she is, in the front row is 98.7FM DJ Roz and friend.

Looking at all these hunky dory, i can't help but wonder what if underneath, they're really like this?? One can never judge a book by its cover, isn't it? ;p

Definitely in for a treat, it was the ULTIMATE girl's night out, except it was just me, myself and I.
I saw the singlet fling act coming, and i hesitated if I should retrieve. I didn’t want to be like one of those 299 other screaming girls, you know? I wanted to remain my dignity, my pride and act nonchalant over these hot dudes. But somehow, my hand stretched up, and by reflex, I caught it. Around me, girls were tearing at it, all wanting a piece of it. My hand quickly shot down close to my chest, instinctively I took a whiff. Aaaaahhhhh…..mine……it smelt new actually, no manly odour.

A hoax! Just to drive the audience wild, a total success.
The second time they threw, i caught it aaaaagain (it's not my birthday yet!) The girl in front of me whipped around and said with jealousy, " how many have you already caught?" I threw it over her head and said, "Here! You can keep it." It was wet with perspiration, that must make her very wet, perhaps she'll need a plastic bag.

My boyfriend(s) had both been very muscular. 16 inch biceps, they were the envy of my male body building friends. I wasn’t into big bears, I felt crushed in their arms, so I plead them to stop taking those protein shakes. I thought I preferred the lean toned Donnie Yen physique, but then I saw the Chippendales. All with 16 inch biceps and perhaps more and the way they grooved, certainly tingled some senses.

You know, they say Singaporean women are like dead fishes in bed. Man, you should look at the amount of gravitating hips of these ladies in that enclosed tents. All pointing towards the stage, obviously. I think men just need to know how to ignite it.

The Chippendales certainly know how to play up a woman’s fantasy and fetishes. Catering to a wide range of possible interests, they role played from tool men (sorry, this it not Singaporean women’s favourite unfortunately. When we think of construction men, we think of foreign workers, unless maybe Ah Du) to men in suits (Jackpot. Women are always looking for the 5Cs, not?) to men in uniforms.

I was too busy capturing videos that regretfully, i couldn't get to reeeally relax and enjoy you know? You might not get a high from seeing the videos, but trust is a show worth paying for. A* class seats, no less. Besides, how often do you get to have the roles reversed and women visually rape men?

They mostly grooved to fast pop hits, so imagine our surprise and of course laughter when a romantic song was played.

And it happened to be MY FAVOURITE SONG! My heart just swelled, and he looked like Enrique Iglesias, although I never did fancy him.
My favourite Chippendale, he kinda look like Megan’s hot boy friend. He’s a crooner.
Examining the prized singlet when i got home, i think they snip it abit, so they could rip it faster and better.
When they annouced that the show is over and you can now proceed to queue for your personal photo, the drooling girls clamoured over.
and they RAN to meet the half naked boys. The shy ones were invited to take a seat on their laps, the brave ones unabashedly plonked themselves down. I was about to leave (again pride was holding me back, i am afterall, no longer a teenager crazy over a boy band), but i lingered and contemplated. In the end, i gave in to my lust. I will not, after all, get another opportunity like this again (furthermore,it's a free show!).
I looked like a TINY floating head. I wonder how do these men feel. Being touched and poked like a peice of meat. I placed my arms around, they just shaved their chest hair.
Some so thrilled that they forgot their manners to ask if they could lift their legs. 
Some unabashedly placed all 70KGs on their laps and he politely hugged back. 
This lady wanted her head on his head. 
Spot the Koala Bear?


Simple Girl Complex World said...

I went to the Chippedales show at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas. The 8:30 show on December 26, 2014.
It was boring.
The guys didn't interact with the audience much at all.
I should have gone to Thunder From Down unda instead. I heard they are much better.

Xtine said...

OH, thats good to know! I would like to see them in LV some day.

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