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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

National Day goodie bag

National Day parade tickets are coveted items, with some of the balloted tickets selling in the black market from $50. I've stopped getting tickets to the parade since i was 9 but attending the parades form the fondest memories. 

Rubbing sweaty bodies in the sweltering heat, making awkward movements with the para para like actions for the sing along. Joining in the Kallang Wave, secretly knowing the lyrics to every National song like you would to the Backstreet Boys. It is no easy feat putting together such a huge parade in celebration of our tiny red dot that has come far. The weekends sacrificed by the organizing committee, school students, teachers, soldiers and all performers, kudos to the crowd warmers who try so hard getting rigid Singaporeans to be groovy.

Unlike other nations who celebrate the King's or Queen's birthday with elaborate festivities, ours is a show of unity celebrating as a nation and not directed to any one person. Foreigners have told me that their National Day is no more than a mere demonstration of marching and gunfire. They are in awe of our parade.

This year, i didn't get tickets to the show but i got the goodie bag! Haven't got an NDP goodie bag for over a decade.
Weighing almost 2kg with everything in, NDP bags are often  fugly.
I've never seen anyone reusing the NDP bag other than to lug the stuff home after the show.
This year's resembles a punching bag.
The NDP fun pack resembles what you would find in a soldier's field pack. Items that'll help you survive on site.

1. card that entitles you to special privileges as part of the celebration and promotion programme.

2. Multi function bandeau that is bright Orange printed with birds, swings and the NDP logo.

3. Fan to keep people from fainting in the humidity and heat from thousands of bodies.

4. Temporary tattoos and flag with stand.

5. Winter scarf so that everyone can recognize you overseas without hearing for your distinctive Singaporean accent.

6. For hydration needs, there's 2 bottles of water, 1 Newater 1 not, for the scared-ey cats.
2 packets of H20, but will it taste good not chilled? 

7. Rain poncho, the show goes on.

8. Beautiful illustrated with embossed cover story book and pamphlets about Singapore's racial harmony, performers in the parade and abit about our history

9. Made in Malaysia BBQ Cassava Chips that is cholesterol, trans fat and gluten free. 
However, there is MSG.

10. Thick discount booklet, Singaporeans favourite past time  is to collect coupons.
I tore 11 out. 

11. Herbal sweets for that sore throat after screaming or singing the National anthem.

12. I love SG torch light, i can reuse the batteries for my alarm clock.

13. 1 Tissue pack with ANOTHER discount coupon printed. and 1 wet wipe.
I actually split open the other side to pull the tissue out, in case the discount coupon comes in handy.

14. Balloon clapper and a noise maker, when the herbal sweets stop working.

15. Yan Yan chocolate cream sticks and Kong Guan biscuits.

16. Plastic bag for your thrash, Singapore is a fine country.

17. Facial samples for men and women.

18. A nostalgic rubber ruler that snaps around your wrist!

And because it's National Day, here is our real calling. Ingenious!

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