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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Body Shapers


Nobody has that perfect figure, unless having surgery done. One can be slim, but without the breasts or the butt. One can have the prettiest face, but a body as straight and flat like a boy. Curves are what differentiate a woman, and its what makes a man visually attracted. How then do we create the illusion of curves if we don’t own them naturally?

Try the Seamless Padded Boyshort.

I hear homosexual boys lacking an ass use this as a “secret weapon”. I don’t know what goes through a man’s mind when checking out another man, but I do know that men notice a woman’s ass because subconsciously it equates to childbearing quality (although that doesn’t give them an excuse to stare rudely!) The padded boy short is pretty rare to find and when I do see it, I have always been curious about it. 

Volupza sent me a sample and because I don’t think I need any more my J.Lo butt should be any bigger, I went to look for someone to test out this revolutionary panty.

I eyed my brother’s girlfriend cuddling with my brother on the couch. I walk past them and into my room, and then I walked back out again. It wasn’t easy asking an awkward answer, finding a guinea pig. In total, I paced the living room for about 5 minutes before mustering up the courage and go, “XY, do you have a flat ass?”

My brother raised his eyebrow at me.
I avoided her eyes as I asked her the question and while she gave a nervous laugh, she mumbled, “I think my ass is too big.”

I almost choked, on erm, air.

She, half my size, as small as a newborn hamster, thinks her ass is big.

I decided I shouldn’t be so pompous about it and insist I would be doing her a favour with the padded boy short. Avoiding her eyes still, I said, “ok, never mind” and slinked back into my room, fretting who to be my guinea pig.

Then, I remembered my friend who self professed her lack of an ass.

The seamless padded boyshort would come in handy!

Here’s the before and after of my friend.

Magically, she now has an ass so tempting even I want to grab it!
Getting kinky in the bathroom during lunch time.
I did grab it, and unlike a padded bra, you can’t tell it’s a padded boy short. Which means if your boyfriend feels you up, it’ll be undetected!

I asked the wearer if she would wear it out. She said, "Quite likely. It feels like any normal panty. Except if I fall down on my bum now, it’ll be cushioned.”
That’s another use right?

Since we’re on the topic of inner wear, here’s the Christine Multi-way Bra.
No, it’s not my used bra that sells for $500 on a Japanese site but a brand new one that is only $38.90 on Volupza.

With multiple eyelets for your hooks to go in however you want it, infinite possibilities await your wearing.

Takes awhile to figure out though, but this is so much more comfortable and secure than those stick-on nu bras. No worries about perspiration and your “breasts” falling!
If VPL (visible panty line) is a fashion no-no, so is VBL. It’s passé to wear visible bras like we do back in our school days to show off under that white uniform we’ve blossomed.

With the seamless bra is Cardona with detachable straps; it is suitable for wear underneath one of these maxi dresses that are perfect for summer. 

Julia in Nude Pink is made of lightweight cotton material that shows off the figure yet not suffocating. When it clings to your body like that, you need a bra that doesn’t show. The best dresses are the ones that at first glance look conservative like a nun yet so tantalizing with the low cut back and sexy rear view.

All of the above iteams can be bought at with free delivery locally.
Like their facebook page and quote Chrispytine to enjoy 5% off first purchase. Or you can check out fellow blogger Silver Ang's review with half naked coy shots ;p

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