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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Month in Snap Shots

If you want to know how your date looks like without make-up? Take her to Pulau Ubin.
Pass! This means she'll be good to wake up beside. LOL
Oh, how nice it is to be out in the nature. We were stranded in the rain, survivor me found pen and paper to make playing cards! Heart Attack!! Coincidentally, one game and the rain stopped.
They tried to cheat the ang moh by quoting him $20!
Alas, that paper we used, was THE MAP!
Piecing it together to find our way back.

The perfect pint of Heineken is to have 2 fingers of foam.
Frank Yu, Singapore's one and only appointed draught master who has gone all the way to Amsterdam, the birthplace of Heineken to train came to teach us the Heineken Star Serve!
Everyone's talking and blogging about Hermes Gift of Time at the old Tanjong Railway. I hope you visited it! Today was the last day.
 Pop up shops were there, including nostalgic items!
The pop up cafe was abit of a rip-off though. $8 for a hot dog without bun! The exhibit was beautifully executed and venue was awesome.

 Plenty of block busters to catch, but otherwise mucking around outside toilets!
 and showing overseas friends a good Singapore time.
 A good Singapore time includes a the Heineken Green Room Experience.
She leaves a ear uncovered!
The best media press kits are Magnum where there's a soap shaped like a Magnum ice cream!
and the Heineken Star Serve which have MANY items perfect for my upcoming Mt Kinabalu trip. A haversack, a rain coat, headphone and portable speakers shaped like a Heineken can! Very cool.
 We visited a friend's gallery located at 28 Jalan Kilang. It is open to the public.

Selling for 28K.

 That's the Guinness record holder artist who did the astounding 3D art pieces above.
Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @chrispytine for more real time updates! Instagram just deleted my photo that showed one of Tokyo's fetish club :(

They said i violated the terms and conditions of Instagram, no nudity! Haha.


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