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Monday, August 27, 2012

My Loft

When i was just a little girl, my teacher asked me what i wanted to be. I said a housewife.
My female teacher was appalled and made me write lines "when i grow up, i will not be enslaved".  No, she didn't but she tried brain-washing me with feminist views. 

So i had other ambitions like cashier first because i liked counting money, then teacher because i liked talking down to shorter people, sexologist when i got curious about sex, zoologist when i found myself turned on with Animal Planet, finally a psychologist because it can be a sexologist, zoologist and psychologist all rolled in one.

When i was a little girl, we also talked about when we would get married. I said 25.

I never did become any of those career choices i envisioned to be, neither did i get married at 25. 

I increasingly find men not willing to have a wife who stays home. Unless, if there're young children in the family. However, the most fortunate woman is to be able to find a husband who tells her she doesn't have to work if she doesn't want to. As a modern woman, i am happy earning my own keep and with earning power, i have a say in the household. However,  after joining the workforce, i realised how stressful and time-consuming work can be. If both married people are pursuing their careers individually, who relieves whose stress back at home?

Thus i believe, a man's responsibility is to pay the bills, put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. While the woman, worries less about losing her job and pleasing her boss but warms up the food and makes the home a welcoming place.

Marriage, however, is not an end to everything. It should also not be a life purpose or a life goal, which unfortunately is one for many Asian women. 

"Want to buy HDB?" is a pre-proposal line for many when the process is to apply, wait 3 years for it to be built and then prove the certificate of marriage 6 months after taking the keys.

We Singaporeans tend to live with our parents till marriage and because of that plus other cultural/societal pressures, we marry in our twenties.

I refuse to be subjected to that pressure and so i made a huge decision recently.

Mine is Blk 92- 32

It's going to be shoe-box size, but i'm excited in turning it into my spinster bachelorette pad.

I'm so excited that i've started a Pinterest Board just to collect home ideas! Two years from now, where will i be, how am i?

Independent, free and without a care in the world.


Shyanne Browning said...

WOW! I'm speechless!!!

That's really exciting and I'm so proud of you!

Moonberry said...

HOLY MOLY SUPER DUPER ULTRA CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS! Looking forward to the housewarming~ ^^

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