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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Hair Sciences Journey

So, i've been on a hair raising journey the last months. Hair raising, literally because I'm stimulating hair growth!

I'm not sure if it's because of my pony tail tying during school years that caused early signs of balding but the consultant at Hair Sciences said it's a natural state of aging and pollution.

But if you often tie your hair into a tight pony tail, stop now! Just in case.
My journey at Hair Sciences have been very enjoyable. Conveniently located in Orchard (or in Jurong),  i get my weekly hair treatment that is natural and helpful. 

First, the head is washed with a shampoo that has a plant extract also known as "miracle maker". The Pueraria Mirifica which contains Phytoestrogen have been reported to exhibit a unique property simulating hair growth. While the USA bans manufacturers from making health benefit claims, folk medicine have been using it to boost memory in remembering 3 books of Astrology, have baby smooth skin, live more than a thousand years and yes, be boastful after all that. In modern belief, it is said to increase appetite, improve hair growth and ENLARGE BREASTS ( .  ) (  .  )
After hair washing, protein treatment is applied along with more plant extract tonic. 

Thereafter, a to-die for head and shoulder massage is performed simulating blood circulation.

P.S I was told to tell if eyelids have been enhanced via plastic surgery, there will be a deep crease visible on the lid when closed.

Finally, I sit under a UV light for better penetration of all the good stuff! I'll share the results after a couple more sessions.

Meanwhile, quote "Chrispytine Blog" for a complimentary customized scalp treatment with head and shoulder massage worth $360.

Terms & Conditions:
·       Valid till 31st August 2012
·       Valid for Singapore NRIC/PR/EP holders only
·       Valid for female & Male customers aged 23 years and above, and strictly by appointment only
·       Customer has to arrive 30min before appointment time for the complimentary hair & scalp analysis.
·       Call 6100 1698 for appointment.

    Read fellow blogger Mint's very detailed scalp problem review.

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