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Monday, August 20, 2012

Boost that libido the Peri Way

Foods that improve circulation help move blood toward the genital area: think spicy stuff like chili 
peppers, curries and peri peri?

You may also want to avoid eating heavy, fatty meals before sex. Because fat takes longer to break down and your blood must travel to your stomach to help digest it—so anything that draws blood away from the genital area can negatively affect libido.

The butterfly-cut chickens at Nando's are not deep-fried but always flame-grilled. They are A-grade, always fresh and never frozen.

Something that tastes so good, and healthier than fast food? Believe it.
Their promise to us.
This August, Nando's Singapore introduces more to its palate. There's the Roulette Chicken Wings where you won't know what you're getting until you take a bite at it (however, if you are already a fan like i am, and you can differentiate the sauces colour, you can easily tell by sight if it's lemon and herb, 
mild, hot or extra hot). I personally still prefer going for the quarter chicken or whole. Wings just isn't satisfying enough for a meat lover! 

It was a culture shock when i was working in a Chinese restaurant in Australia. The Caucasians will come in as a family or group but each order a main dish (sweet and sour pork, hot-plate toufu etc). coupled with a bowl of rice AND stick to that one dish they've chosen the entire night!

That's not how we Asians do Tzi Char. Meal time is about sharing dishes, we like variety and we also don't mind sharing saliva (we really ought to start using common chopsticks for mains).

Understanding Singaporeans well, where we love to have the best of both worlds, Nando's introduces the Altogether Now, a combination of the best 'appeteasers'- Spicy mixed olives, roasted vegetable dip, Peri-Peri hummus and warm pita. I thought i was in the Mediterranean!
Hummus with pita is very healthy by the way, i love hummus! Perhaps not a Singaporean's choice, but definitely ang moh jiak!

Indulge in Nando's guilt-free and choose their latest Algarve Salad,  a medley of rocket leafy greens, cashew nuts, marinated sun-dried tomato and feta cheese. Most salads offered elsewhere comes heavy with FATTENING dressing. The Algarve Salad comes with none! I didn't even realise it (because it doesn't taste awful), until somebody pointed out the balsamic oil bottle on the table which i was supposed to drizzle to my liking.   
Same with the new Nando's Chicken Wrap, Veggie Wrap and Veggie Pita. It wasn't oily, without an ounce of mayo or sauce. None of the fattening stuff but you may choose to drown it in Peri Peri that has incredibly low kilo-joule count, virtually no fat or oil and is rich in Vit A, C, folic acid, potassium and magnesium.
from $7.90
While you're checking out these new dishes, Nando's is having a Bottomless Beverages Promotion! With purchase of any Peri-Peri Chicken Meal ( i believe it starts from $12, with new sidelines to choose, Spinach and Sweet Potato Mash), and a bottomless soft drink (for $4.20, you enjoy free refill of drinks), you can purchase a Limited Edition DESIGNER unisex boxer shorts for $15.

It's ultra cool! I can't decide which design i like better.

One is black with the face of a chicken, and you can open its mouth too! 
That's not all, the behind is a rooster's comb! I can definitely wear this out as a costume.

That's Keith making a cock-a-doodle-doo face.
The other is yellowish beige. I didn't like the colour much, but i like the design for the behind strategically placed on your ass says
 and in the front, also strategically placed, is a cock peeking out! An extension of your cock.
Chua En Lai demonstrates.
While the boxers are unisex, i think the black suits girls better and the peeping cock suits boys better.

While Nando's have reduced their prices to make us happier eating more, do watch out for their loyalty card too ($10 for lifetime membership). Peri-vileges for a Clucking Lifetime.
 It takes two to Nandos.


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