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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In Hybrid Vigour, what can we trust?

So, this was taken at Lower Pierce with a mobile phone from afar. When i sent it around, my friends go

" Kitty Style!"
"Monkey gives better sex!"


While i was highly amused at the first thought in my friends' head (what kinda friends do i have?!?), i was more curious about cross-breeds.

We have been told that animals, other than dolphins, have sex for reproduction rather than pleasure. However with increasing zoology research as well as my picture suggest otherwise. 

Surely, the cat would not have allowed the monkey to mount her for reproduction purposes. Because if they could have offsprings, we would certainly see a cat monkey hybrid walking around.

This is a shaved cat.
But we don't. Then, i thought, maybe the cat's spouse wasn't satisfying her and thus she allowed the monkey to mount her because she was in heat?

After all, a cat's penis is barbed (like a fishhook) and upon withdrawal, the female cat will scream. Although its debatable if the cry was in ecstasy or in pain because we're not cats so we can't tell for them.

There is a very extensive read on animal sexual behaviour on Wikipedia that covers oral sex, masturbation and fetishes like necrophilia. Why do they all sound strikingly traits of the human species?

Humans as in many animals engage in exogamy (breeding outside their social group) because incestuous children will be more likely to suffer from genetic defects. Therefore, interracial marriage is the surest way of eliminating any inbreeding. Perhaps, it's not degrading to be labelled an SPG after all. Survival of the fittest. 

How can different races of the human species and have offsprings while a cat and a monkey can't? We are homo sapiens whereas a cat and a monkey are of different species. 

However, there are successful cross-breeding within certain species.
This Youtube video claims that no photoshop is done.

I know the cow, horse and cat examples are real. Cross-breeding seem to be only possible for animals in captivity because in the wild, the environment do not put the animals in a state to cross-breed and produce offspring. It is very difficult for cross-breed offsprings to be fertile as well.

It's going to sound like an oxy moron but while cross breeding in theory produces healthier and stronger offspring, cross-breeding without proper care, planning and background checks can do more harm.

Like the blood parrot.
The blood parrot cichlid is a cichlid hybrid. It was created in Taiwan around 1986, and are produced by cross breeding a Midas cichlid with a Redhead cichlid or a Red devil cichlid. There is some controversy in the ethics when it comes to creating blood parrot cichlids, as they have several anatomical deformities, such as their mouth, which is only a small vertical opening and causes some to have difficulty feeding. Blood parrot cichlids are usually bright orange, but their color can vary to include red and yellow. Female blood parrots are usually fertile, whereas males are usually infertile, but there have been cases of successful breeding.

When i owned Syrian hamsters, i naively thought i could inter-breed with dwarf hamsters. The dwarfs are so cute but too small too handle while the Syrian could be a little smaller and cuter. I asked my friend to bring her dwarf hamster over and we put it into the cage of the Syrian. In a split second, the Syrian killed the dwarf hamster 
So don't try cross-breeding despite the alluring mystery of it. There are people regretting it. Also, inter marriages are not all that fool proof from the gene manipulation. The possibility that combining genes which didn't evolve to work together might cause health problems due to incompatibilities. For example, ace genetics reporter Nicholas Wade wrote in the New York Times ( 11/11/05) about a gene variant that is benign in whites and Asians but more than triples the heart attack risk in part-white African-Americans.

So do your due diligence before marrying? Wow, i spent 2 hours researching all because of that first photo. Why am i not like my friends? Oh, the mysteries of the Universe, how awesome is Creation.

You had me at hello, kitty.



Anonymous said...

one question, was the cat moaning away typical of their mating activities?

Anonymous said...

Good question! Pity it wasnt a video.


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