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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Movie Review TED

The movie TED about a talking teddy, albeit a rude one while failed in tickling my funny bone much poses afew questions close to heart.

1. What is grown-up?
Is it having a stable job, is it getting married? Is it meeting all the societal expectations of a grown-up?

2. Do you laugh at someone who still has an inner child?
The one who still has a security blanket or a smelly childhood pillow. The one who talks to toys, ok maybe that's a little freaky for a grown-up.

3. What is true love?
Is it giving, is it receiving, is it about happiness? What makes you happy?

A grown-up is having a better sense of what's right and wrong than a child, but it doesn't mean we stop believing in miracles. It doesn't mean we lose our innocence and get skeptical, cynical or critical all the time.

Men turn into boys when they hang out with their peers. It is a moment they don't need to put up a front and be accountable to the opposite sex. For women? We never did shake off that little girl in us believing in fairy tales.

And true love? It is putting your loved one's interest above yours like what Ted, the teddy did for his best friend and what Lori did for her boyfriend.

TED opens 6 September in Singapore

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