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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Google Street View is Watching

 when you discreetly blot your armpit with tissue & someone saw it

It's true. The other day, someone was staring at me as i was blotting my armpit with tissue. I couldn't help it, i was sweating like a pig!

And that date who dug his nose thinking i didn't see it? I saw it.

Now with Google Street View, a 360 degree camera view of the world, there are people staking out and trawling the web just to catch funny or freaky images!

Here's what Google Street View caught.
Woman adjusts bra in store reflection

Street Prostitution, founders of don't need to be threatened anymore
Crime in action.
Caught red-handed.
VPL no no.
Irritating kid.
Freaky horseman.
Just shopped for a sex doll.
Without a head.
Half faced.

Needs slimming down.
That's a secret button somewhere.
Same fashion sense or something freakier?

Apparently, its Jon Rafman who started the trend of spotting these Google Street View images. The rest of the world followed suit.

You know, i'm guilty of thinking no one is looking when i'm in the lift.

Think twice before you dig that nose, or pull that wedgie, or scratch in between your ass and sniff.

What happens in elevators, don't just stay in elevators.

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