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Monday, August 27, 2012

An Interview with Fujitsu

Stanley Nam of Fujitsu PC Asia


These days, a desktop is redundant. People are getting lap tops that performs and function as well as a desktop but better yet, it's portable.

We question Marketing & Communications Manager of Fujitsu PC Asia on their latest LIFEBOOK LH 772 launch.

Could you tell us more about the Takumi Philosophy?
We derived the word ‘Takumi’ from the ancient Japanese word ‘ŚĆ† which means artisan or craftsmanship.  Staying true to our Japanese heritage and with more than 30 years in PC making, Fujitsu firmly believes in the spirit of Takumi - the Japanese tradition of craftsmanship and professionalism to produce only the finest and quality products that blends form, beauty and function in a constantly innovative way.  Ingrained with the Japanese Takumi philosophy, our Fujitsu LIFEBOOK designs for 2012 will encompass a distinct and uniform identity, while balancing style and performance for the everyday lifestyle, be it work and play.

What is it about the ONKYO® Box Speakers that provides such excellent audio quality?
ONKYO is a Japanese consumer electronics giant specializing in home cinema & audio equipment. They are experts in the field of audio entertainment and we are excited about this collaboration as we are able to integrate their expertise and create a fantastic multimedia entertainment device for our customers. A little trivia here – Do you know that the Japanese word ONKYO translate to “Sound harmony”? That should give you a pretty good idea how good they are in their field.

Were there any features that you wanted to incorporate in the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 but were unable to do so?
Generally speaking, we managed to integrate a great deal of technology into this device without compromising on the quality and promise of Fujitsu. Of course there were other cool stuffs we would want to put it in but not at the expense of weight, design or even battery life which we feel are critical to our customers. In the end, what you have here is really the best of all worlds - Without compromise.

How many designs did the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 go through before settling on the final one?
Unfortunately, I’m not aware about this. What I do know is they made a lot of design reference to nature as a source of inspiration. I’m sure they went through quite a few rounds of discussions and amendments before the designs are finalized.

Will we see more colors of the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772?
The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH772 is currently available in 3 gorgeous colors. I have no information of additional colors but we never know...

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Shiny Black, Urban White, Cosmos Pink

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