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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Wear a Bra

This is what i wear to hot yoga.
The shower room is a place i compare bodies and undies. It's a place where i feel assured my cup size isn't the smallest, a place where i confirmed pink nips exists only in porn and a place where Dove should shoot their next commercial because every woman parading naked in there is an epitome of confidence and self body loving.

Through the months of peeving, i noticed something. Caucasian and Asian women wear their bra differently.

I never thought there would be a difference until i witnessed it. While i can't generalize, I am sharing my observations from 10 Caucasians and 10 Asians.

The Caucasian will
1. Put the bra around her waist, clasp in front, cups at the back.
2. Then, looking down at the clasp, she hooks it together.
3. She then turns the bra around her waist so that cups are in front.
4. Lastly pulls it up to her chest and puts her 2 arms through.
5. Puts top/ dress on.

Whereas the Asian will
1. Put her 2 arms through.
2. Clasp at the back.
3. Gather the fats at the sides & push it into the middle.
4. Puts top/ dress on.

I find it amusing and analyzed why we do it so differently.

A. it could mean that Caucasians don't care as much as Asians about their personal belongings and thus not treat their bra delicately (wearing the bra waist up stretches the bra). It's like machine wash versus hand wash (i hand wash, you?)

B. Caucasian women are rougher, more assertive and speak their mind as demonstrated by their attitude towards bras.

C. In Western countries, Caucasian women buy their bras from Target etc where it can be as cheap as $5 VS Asians where Triump or Wacol can cost a minimum of $39.90.

D. Caucasian women do not need to "push in fats" like Asians do because they generally have bigger breasts.
A cleavage effortlessly
A cleavage with pushing and padding
As a woman, we ought to know how to really wear a bra.
Much lest a man does it better than us.


Katrijn said...

I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and it's very enlightening! I like the pictures and the stories.

This particular subject has made me (a Caucasian woman who does up her bra the front way) think, because in my country bra's are not that cheap either :) I have quoted you, I hope you don't mind!

If you're interested:

Xtine said...

Hey thx for leavin a comment n writing in response to mine., i enjoyed reading ur side of the bra wearing story!

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