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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vanity Trove

Here's a gift idea for a girlfriend, a best friend, a sister, mum or even a treat to yourself!
For only $25 each month, a specially put together trove filled with the latest and trendiest beauty treats is hand delivered to your doorstep for your enjoyment.

Mine arrived in a box slightly smaller than an A4 paper. Sleek in white, it was heavy. The box was one of the sturdiest i've ever received, i made a mental note to recycle the box for which i can use it to re-gift! Peeling away the plastic sheet that encased my trove, i pulled out the trove's drawer. As I eagerly lifted the chiffon paper, the most heavenly smell hit me. A sweet citrusy bowled me over. A trove of treats greeted me, a smile lit my face.

The surprise delivery certainly lifted my spirits.

Here's why it's heavy. I uncovered these items within, there were known brands like Clinque lip gloss & facial foam (25ml) but also new brands (to me) like Nuxe's nail cream and a leave-in hair moisturizer (100ml) made in Israel! I can't wait to try that one out, my badly parched hair ends need it.

Love the cheeky farm-girl soap too, yes I'm filthy!
Within, there is also a complimentary 60 min spa treatment at The Safari Spa (at Boon Lay SAFRA) and many discount/ cash vouchers for blog shops like Dressabelle, Smooch, Pink Flare and more. Since opening up the pandora box, my room is filled with the citrusy scent that puts me in the mood for love.

I strongly suggest boyfriends subscribe to a SURPRISE vanity trove delivered to your girlfriend if not monthly (every month, she receives a surprise), quarterly (every 4 months, she receives a surprise) is still sweet!

Prices start at $25 (for 1 month) to try out!

You won't be disappointed. From my first vanity trove, the value is more than $25 already!

I still can't get over the smell of heaven.

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