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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jet Black Party by Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker never fail to impress with its parties. Exuding luxury, this is experiential marketing.
By far, the best party i've attended by a brand, here is one way an alcoholic brand restricted by advertising laws make an impression.
Using Mercedes Benz to chauffeur you to the party venue, even though it's just one floor up.

Filled with the who's who's, beautiful and fashionable people.
The Jet Black ambassadors is a common sight at every event with plenty of cam whore opportunities. The best part is their social media community managers are super on! It seems like they never sleep. Your photos are immediately uploaded, your tweets are immediately answered.
 Not just water but artisan water is readily available to keep the alcohol level not overboard.
Never spoil the party mood, do not drink on an empty stomach.
Not just a beautiful crowd to people watch, funky tunes to groove to but Johnnie Walker provides much entertainment through acquired technology connected to your Facebook. Check it out!

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