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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mobile Apps to Download

The smartphone is such a machine. I discovered some great iPhone apps this month so I’d like to share my favourites. They are all mostly free to download but comes with in-app purchases which I’m contemplating! A successful app is one that makes you want to pay for it.

Action Movie FX
Lets you add Hollywood FX to iPhone movies I shoot! I can direct the action and put my friends/ pets or toys in precarious scenes.

It’s really simple and fast to use, one of the most practical yet technical detail. It is strangely recommended to me by someone who is 50 years old! So don't belittle that grandpa.

The free effects available are Missile Attack, Car Smash, or Demolition Ball. A busted tyre had me stranded for hours! So check out my self-entertaining Action Movie videos.

and then i hulk smashed my dad

also a perfect excuse to get a cutie involved.
Additional FX for purchase are the Chopper Down and Tornado Action, otherwise Air Strike or Fire Fight. I’m tempted!

The Good Life

Almost all Singaporeans on average own at least 3 credit cards. We really have a good life here, because credit cards spoil us with choices. I usually check for any "credit card promotions" before making a purchase in-store or in restaurants. To be honest, deals and promotions do influence my choice in dining & swiping of credit. Unfortunately, all these booklets that the credit cards mail me? I can never remember the 1600 merchants. The booklets are utterly useless and kills the trees.

I really must commend Standard Chartered for being the first to think of their customers' needs. Making it an ease to locate the latest deals, the Good Life iPhone app makes it easy for cardholders to locate ongoing promotions at all dining, retail and lifestyle establishments. All 1600 at a push of a button!

It is really simple to use and you can search for deals available nearby by category, merchant name or keyword and keep track of favourite offers. Very useful information at my fingertips, really a conduit to all the experiences The Good Life brings.

Set to rival Instagram, Pick is the Japanese Instagram. Other than filters, Pick also has cute emoticons, memes and dress up(s) you can place onto your photo. 

I don't know how they do it, but the moment i finished editing, there were already strangers sending me love. Even when i have zero followers, i don't know where they come from! I suppose whatever pictures you take with Pick is highly visible by the community unlike Instagram.
Kopi Tiam Mini
is free to download. My childhood ambition was to be a cashier therefore i resonate very well with time management games like Diner Dash. I love them! Makes my finger cramp.

I've always wondered why no one does a local version until....
The graphics is amazing and so accurate! Customers get really impatient because of the heat (duh, i do too in reality) and with enough sales, you can buy a fan to keep them cool!

What's your favourite?


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