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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shop at Zalora

Meet Lauren Fristcher and Roslyn Johnson, newly appointed fashion buyers for Zalora Singapore.
After studying fashion merchandising at the University of Louisiana, Lauren started her fashion career in New York working with Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Fustenberg, Zac Posena and Anna Sui. Later, she worked with Vogue, GQ, Elle and Harper's Bazaar.

Then, there's Roslyn. A former Saks Fith Avenue buyer, Roslyn has worked with international luxury brands from Burberry and Missoni to streetwear mainstays G-Star and Diesel.

With credentials like that, we know that Zalora is going to bring style and class at affordable prices to Singaporeans.
Maintaining class in a sexy outfit is very important.
Having almost anything and everything for both men and women, stocks international labels like House of Harlow (by Nicole Richie), Desigual, Sass & Bide, Eva Franco, Rare London, Vero Moda, Betsey Johnson, Winter Kate, and Jack & Jones. Prices for the branded labels are competitive while other items can be found as low as below SGD 10.

Lauren and Rosalyn are also working hard in bringing other international labels like American Apparel, Zara and more this year. I hope for Ted Baker!

The job of a fashion buyer sounds glamourous, but is it?

According to Lauren, fashion buyers do travel abit but it's just 3-4 times a year for trade shows. They don't take business class, they don't stay in suites. Its not as glamourous as we think. They work long hours due to liaising with brands from all over the world. Can you IMAGINE the different time zones?!

Why then do Lauren and Roslyn still look so radiant and not like a panda?

Because they are judged by their dress sense so you probably wouldn't catch them in anything not fitting for a fashionista. After all, they have to look the part.

Even though the fashion trend right now is pyjamas on the runway.
If pyjamas is accepted on the red carpet, i'm sure Singaporean's widely critiqued tank tops, shorts and slippers combination is certainly fashionable on Orchard Road! Zalora's fashionistas think it's the climate.

However, the fashionistas advise for our Singapore climate, boys can wear tailored shorts, loafers and buttoned down shirts. Like Ryan Gosling.

Well now, no matter how i google, i can't find Gosling in such getup. I did instead find this...
Maybe that's what summer fashion means to Roslyn!
For girls, Lauren suggests the Nicole Richie look for our climate. Maxi dresses, flow-y, bohemian.
When asked what would the fashion trend be in 2020, Rosalyn believes it'll be a comeback of present fashion. Seeing how fashion recycles itself with bell bottoms (70s), high waisted bottoms and even in recent months, bra-lets.

"So long as the pyjama fashion don't return!" Quips Lauren.
Roslyn certainly hopes loose fitting blouses, silk fabrics and blazers will remain in fashion forever though. These are her favourites and fashion staple.

Fashion staples also know as basics are no longer just tank tops and black dresses. I learn from Roslyn that dressing with age is going classic and timeless like Chanel.
Chanel's Cruise Collection- Swimwear.
Lauren believes that women should dress for women because they simply appreciate fashion better. However she noticed that with the figure hugging mini dresses, Singaporean women dress for men. She feels that men are truly attracted to confidence. The momentary attraction to your Herve Leger knock-off? It won't lust last.

So if you have that confidence? You'll rock that harem pants.
Fortunately, for the confidence-not-200% Singaporeans, there's Zalora.
$132 from Betsy Johnson.
These harem pants still look sexy to boot! Best of all, why Zalora is different from Asos and other sites,

10% discount when you input CHRISFAN upon checkout. It's the GSS sale now on with up to 70% off! Discount code expires 30 June.

Oh yes, and we do judge fashion buyers :P


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