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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guess my Price

There used to be this nonsensical calculation you do in school to see how compatible you are with your crush. It's called the AEIOU. You write you and your crush's name, count the number of As, Es, Is, Os and Us then add the left figure to the right and so forth till it dwindles to a figure below 100. If it's a high percentage, you get a thrill. If it's low, you doubt if the method is accurate in the first place.

Today, there is a viral post in forums around China calculating the price of a bride. Expect outcries from feminists, but men including myself will do the calculation for entertainment and fun.

If you are facing a dilemma, unsure if she's The One. Don't flip a coin, make a calculated risk. This one's for the boys.
My Market Value

I'm 158.
+ 150 (oh no, was contemplating short hair!)
+ 300 (lap dance counts for extra?)
can't sing
47kg = 96 jin so i guess nothing to add nor minus for the weight
-200 (my degree is 500)
Dumped and got dumped.

-300 (am 26)
no medical condition

+300 (i don't need to be awesome right?)
I am definitely mature
+200 (extra points because his friends usually love me)
+100 (i nag like his mum)
+100 (definitely not possessive)
i prefer shopping alone

Usually, quarrels never bother me so i won't make the first move to find him first.
+ 100 (oh yes, boyfriends talk me to sleep literally)
+ 100 



I barely make normal! 

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So i did a similar price list for the girls.

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