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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tips on How to Dress For the Flat Chested

Boob shrine in Japan. People go there to pray for breast milk, to cure cancers. I bet the most popular request is enhancements! It's big boobs everywhere nowadays. Boobs define women, it IS how you differentiate from a man. Besides, breasts scream sex. Men and women alike hanker after bigger than A cup breasts.

But big don't mean perfect.
Woman with N cup size bed ridden for 6 months. Read here.
Here're reasons why small chested women should be proud, confident and happy with their size:
1) You don't look fat
2) Your boobs won't sag
3) You look classy 24/7 and not slutty 24/7
Just check out Kiera Knightley. I always thought she's small chested, but i found one photo of her with her mammaries enhanced. Big boobs doesn't quite suit her though.
Even with her small chest, men has voted her as the sexiest women in the world. She came in tops in 2006 FHM poll, beating Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson all whom have 2 cup size bigger.

4) You can fit into any clothes easily (especially smaller sizes)
5) You won't be oogled at 24/7 (less self conscious)
6) You have dainty nice bras instead of huge cups like this 
So long as your boobs aren't raisins or a airport runway, you ought to be satisfied with the way your body is.

Dressing well is all about refining the art of distraction and illusion. You get that right, and you have overall image balance. Lets admit it; breasts are a major focal point (men to the point of blindness), so if your lacking a bountiful bosom, read on. And the below don't need any chicken fillet or Nu Bras as the man in my earlier post taught. In our humid weather, they won't stick on! 

One of the simplest is to have any detail around the bust area i.e. pockets, buttons, or patterns. Collars and wide lapels are good too as they draw the eye upwards towards the face, away from the empty space!
Photographed by Dominic Khoo
Flat chested woman can also wear double- breasted jackets and high necks (avoid if your chin has a twin) and look great, whereas on full busts, these can look chunky and ruin your look.
Often, small -breasted woman have great arms, so get those short sleeved tops and singlets on and draw attention to those great lithe limbs.
Photographed by Dominic Khoo
Also, if you haven't got the chest, then flaunt elsewhere! I always found the shoulders and back sexy.
One of my cardinal rules is to never flash too much. However, if one is flat chested, even if you wear something that is bare at the top and bare at the bottom, you will hardly look trashy.
This is a best kept secret. I feel that when you wear drapey dress/tops, it is very flattery on your bust.It hardly shows any cleavage yet it hints of one.
Make something out of nothing.


Anonymous said...

Big and fat, not good!

Big and firm, good!

Anonymous said...

but what if they ARE raisins... :P?

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