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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Technology. Personal or Impersonal?

It has always been a debate over the good and bad of technology. Did you know that the internet originated for porn? Other than the fact that the American soldiers needed something to communicate with, they needed an outlet too. Go look up the history of the internet and porn and you'll find some correlation. But here's a fun video to sum it up. Sang first on Avenue Q which i saw on my 23rd birthday, someone re-edited it into a Sesame Street version (have you also heard the debate about SS being evil? That's another discussion for another day.)

But that's not my thesis for today. What i feel with technology is, our society is becoming impersonal ironically. I cannot deny that social networks have its merits. We now are kept updated with not only celebrity news, but real news that matter. News about our friends. I know who is with who, i know who does what, real-time.

Let's just say that i found afew of my ex boyfriend's skeletons-in-the-closet from a social network! It's Generation Me now. Social networks is a form of self promotion, whether conscious or sub-conscious. People won't admit it, fearing to sound narcissitic. But we can't deny that being self-promoting, narcissistic, overconfident, and attention-seeking is helpful for succeeding in a competitive world. Just beware of crossing the line and becoming conceited and shameless.

How many birthday or wedding invites do you get via Facebook? I find that rather insincere. A friend invited 500 friends to her birthday party via the event application. Maybe i am special (she has 1000 friends), but i would love to see all 500 turn up and the birthday girl has to panic for crowd control.

What irks me are the wedding invites. No phone calls, no sms, no emails and not even a Facebook private message! People are inviting you to their big day via Facebook event. I know how stressed a couple can be when planning a wedding, though Facebook saves alot of time, people's EQ is going downhill. There is no longer courtesy or sincerity in invitations.Expecting people to click attending or not attending, some may click Maybe Attending just to irk this insincere planner. A friend of 20 years even asked me to be her host for her wedding via a post on HER wall. Expecting me to respond?

Nonetheless, updating your status on Facebook at the altar is deemed outrageously sweet.

I know of friends who use status update as personal attacks (know that friend the comment is aimed at WILL BE SEEING IT). I think it's immature and hypocritical. But this one takes the cake! Click to see better. I will type out the sypnosis here:

" So if everyone hasn't heard yet..i'm grounded for the next 3 months. Why? Because Katie decided to rat me out and tell my parents about the 12 pack i was hiding in my room. My parents are Asian, and all of you that asian parents are fucking strict. 12 cans= 3 months of being grounded. LIttle over the top? Not if your parents are Asian and your sister is a filthy bitch.

Since all i can do and all i'll ever for the next 2 and a half months involve sitting on the computer all day, i thought i'd get a little revenge today. Everyone out there might think my sister is such a sweet and innocent girl, but a few days ago i decided to go treasure hunting in her room and found a little something special hidden in her closet. This will make the next 2.5 months bearable.

Ladies and sister is a whore."

You've to check this out. Especially the Hall of Fame. Laugh Out Loud Facebook Moments. If you see anything worth posting on this site and you do, you get paid $100! Not sure if Singaporeans can participate though. With status updates, you see who are your real friends.

Well, Chelsea might sound a little bimbotic, but look how her "friend" (supposedly) Mike comments back! LOL.

Let technology not kill what makes us human.

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