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Monday, January 18, 2010

Talking about fashion pauxes, can someone tell me why i s this somewhat attractive lady wearing a strapped bra with a halter dress? Bra strap + bra back showing. Is she trying to hint something maybe?

I am not getting married, but i COULD NOT resist buying this gown to "save" for my wedding. I saw it on the display window and i went in to enquire. After hearing the price, i wanted to walk out. But i decided, what the heck, just try for fun! The minute i put it on, i wanted it.

A white halter knee length dress, with a corset waist. It eludes a perfect fit with class and elegance. That's what i want to be when i grow up (which means i cannot put on weight until then). It wasn't expensive for a gown, but it was expensive for someone who is NOT GETTING MARRIED!

The sales girl dangled a discount in front of me, plus i wrangled out a gown protector. The deal was sealed.

It shall now hang in my wardrobe

I will wear this gown to other people's wedding and upstage the brides. This gown is not for loan ( i dislike lending clothes to friends, after a bad experience of friend's sweaty armpits staining my top!)

Desert bowl made of ice. Save water please!

A milestone for my baby brother. Oooh, how i love men in uniforms :P

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