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Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Secret about Victoria

Largely talked about VS is finally here, in Festive Hotel, Resort World. Here's my personal review on the only store in Asia.

VS is all about lingerie. It wasn't a huge shop space to begin with, and it wasn't overwhelmed with lingerie. As pictured here, it's the only range of undies they have in store. This, and another row behind.
Panties go for SGD 32 per peice (all prices excl. GST)
They do not have bras but they have a teeny section on nighties. They start at SGD 80 and there's only 1 style (as seen on rack on the right). The thin all-lace dress in electric blue and pink.

They do not have swimwear, neither do they have the gorgeous fashion wear.

The only clothes they have are these i would think frumpy pyjamas. They have some nice racer back tank tops but they're going at SGD 50. They do not have changing rooms. I suppose underwear always had the rule of no-trying.

What they do try, is giving us abit of everything VS has to offer. Like a taster menu.

This pouch costs SGD 16, plain looking handbags were 3 figure price tags.

A rather wide variety of bath oils, foams, frangrance mists and makeup. They start at SGD 60 for a 3 peice set. This section reminds me of The Body Shop.

I liked looking at the accessories though. Although again it didn't exactly make my eyes swim. Very Juicy Couture like, they have charm braclets that starts from SGD 65.

They have key chains, passport holders and if you must have a peice of VS, i would say their accessories were more affordable. Starting from SGD 20 for this keychain puch for example.

I'd stick to buying online with its discounts and wider variety with the only pain being the shipping fee. There're still people who couldn't resist purchasing something from that shiny store just because everybody's talking about it.

Aunties want to be Victoria Secret's Angels too.

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