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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ambassador of Singapore

My girl, Meg sent me an SOS message, asking if i could do her a favor of showing her French friend around. After all, he took care of her when she was in his home town.

I happened to be invited to an opening party, and i knew our President was going to be there. It would be killing many birds at one time for a new resident! He gets to see a Singapore fashion event, he gets to meet the President! I misled him into thinking it's a lingerie party though. Because i was invited by a lingerie shop.

Worse was, i didn't knew our dear President was so "open" to grace a lingerie party! Later on, then i found out it's Mandarin Gallery's opening. That explains it.
Denise Keller is awfully thin. But still pretty. Andre De Cruz is really pretty and poised, Patricia Mok is really "loud" and one girl's side view really resembles Katie Holmes!

So i met Q at Somerset MRT. It was like a "blind date". All i knew was from what is saw on FB. I figured it would be easier for a girl to spot a man out because men don't photoshop their pictures nor use fake eyelashes right?

I was glad there wasn't any awkward silence at all! I could understand his French accent and all. If that fails, i can fall back on Mandarin! He speaks pretty fluent Mandarin, Meg should be ashamed. She is Chinese, albeit Australian. His name is so cool, like the famous director.
Sparkles and fireworks were launched.

I realised runway models aren't exactly drop-dead gorgeous. They're just very tall with nice figures. They're all 1.8m and above.
The men are better looking though. The people standing on the streets of Orchard Road were certainly envious of us. Being able to sit on the other side, sipping wine and enjoying canapes.

He is actually younger than me! Don't look like hor...hahaha. Poor dude, came to Singapore and clueless, he ended up staying in a ghetto hotel! Had to share with 3 other foreign workers, listening to them watch porn in the room at night. They sleep on double deckers and he can feel his sway some nights!
The opening party was super duper awesome because after the cocktail and fashion show, we could SHOP IN PRIVATE! Exclusive shopping, we had the whole mall to ourselves. Every shop had specials going on, JUST FOR US!
JTB, the japanese travel agency gave out Fiji Apples. They said its air-flown from Japan. Not sure if it's true (fruits are $$ in Japan), but it looks bigger than the usual apples.
There's an art gallery inside and we got the gallery's very cool desktop calender & ang pow packets for free!

As usual, i come up with naughty poses and friend is obliged to go along with me.

This painting is WICKED.
Close-up. Look where its hand is!

You know what the best part is? WE WERE GIVEN SHOPPING MONEY!!!!!!! Cold hard cash ( in vouchers form) to offset our purchases that night. As you would guess, everything in Mandarin Gallery is exorbitantly priced. All the high-end fashion, but with our combined vouchers, i GOT A RAYBAN SUNGLASSES ABSOLUTELY FREE!
I took SO LONG to decide. Ahhhh...couldn't believe my luck! I was recently just thinking of investing in a good pair of sunglass and one that totally fits me. Aviators flatters almost everyone. I decided to give up the tackey cheapo ones after my bf enlightened me why his sunglasses are so $*(&#*$(&@ expensive. If you wear a cheapo sunglass, under the sun, everything might still look dark and therefore your iris might think its safe to open. But fact is, that cheapo sunglass might not be giving you real protection and therefore harm your iris. It would be worse than not wearing anything at all! Iu you had not worn any, your iris will naturally close to protect your eyes and not let so much sunlight in.

 I hope Q had an awesome time experiencing Uniquely Singapore. Hahaha...

He said he did, it's his first fashion show experience with celebrities and beautiful people. I'm so thankful i stayed till the end, i usually leave after enjoying the canapes because it's usually boring. if i had left, i would have no RayBans!

This was the BEST event i've attended. Oh, i so want to go to the Triumph fashion show in July.

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