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Monday, January 18, 2010

Asian Poses

Invited to the launch of Lawry's Prime Steak restaurant at Mandarin Gallery, the goodie bag was an awesome and thoughtful gift! Presented with Lawry's own blend of spices pepper and salt bottles plus a $50 dining voucher! Can't wait for the boyfriend back because he loves good meat!

The creamy spinach is fantastic too!

I'm not quite sure to say if the waitresses' outfits are cute. It isn't sexy either. But i would say it's fun to see something different either than the usual black and white penguin uniforms.

They had an entertaining number where dancers and singer decked in the restaurant's signature uniforms. They did a customized song about Lawry's and its customers. Kudos to efforts.

Can you imagine i watched The Pyramid Game when i was in primary school! My mum likes him! Haha. I suspect he eats placentas for the youthful skin. Haha.

Now, talking about Asian poses. There is an ingenius website that dedicates poses that are created by Asians and poses by Asians. It's SO amusing. You got to admit, Asians do look cute posing like that. But i must say, it seems like it only applies to Asians only.

The salute pose.

The tear pose. This, i suppose is to reeeeally "act cute". Girls have the ability to sa jiao (whine cutely) to any man and their heats will go pudgy, knees go weak and give in.
I suppose the influence comes from anime.

Models, celebrities fuel the trend.

Some people do it right, even though they're not as gorgeous as the models.

Some people do it wrong, and end up looking more like a duck.

It DOES NOT work for men.

Neither on Caucasians.

Even if she's pretty.

I can't do it very well either.

I think it takes hours of practice in front of the mirror.

 Until my friend went "Christine, what the F*** are you doing?"

Images from, it's a very intereactive website whereby readers can challenge the poses and submit in their Asian pose.

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