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Friday, January 8, 2010

Babe of the Month

I was banking on 8 Days giving away a calender of their artistes with their first issue of 2010. Alas, there's no sponsors for that and so i was disappointed i couldn't get my $2 magazine that comes with a free calender.

Without my wall calender, i feel lost. I can't track my periods, my facials, my wax, my manicures, time to change my contact lens etc. It's just like how my mum will hunt high and lo for such calenders (FOC nonetheless) so she can TRACK FAMILY MOVEMENTS (who's not eating dinner, who goes out of the country etc)

My dear gf bought me a puppy one for X'mas, and i  put that up at home. Telling myself, i will think of her every day of the year now. I was planning to buy another one for the office (should be half price now), but my male colleague whom i lunch with everyday said
"Eh! Don't buy. I give you one."
I asked " You don't use it?"
He said " I cannot use this kind in the office lah. BUT YOU CAN!"
This was what he gave me the next day.......

The doggie one is now in my office, and Babe of the Month is at home. What will my conservative mother say! If she asks, a plausible reason is "Babe of the Month motivates me to keep fit".

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