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Monday, January 18, 2010

Man and Woman

I am inclined towards building relationships, i love nurturing relationships. When i was just a teenager, i was already been reading books about human relationships. Arming myself with knowledge to create a long lasting relationship, if i ever have one. It's never too early to read books about marriage.

When i inherited the book "For Better or For Best" from my aunt who found her husband after 10 years of waiting, i found it extremely fun to read. All these advice and tips on how to understand your man and make him do what you want willingly.I read it whilst i was 18 and single but i was preparing to be a wife some day.

Recently, i came across the male version at a book sale. "If Only He Knew". Its for the men to use the techniques in order to mould their wife to understand them better. I bought it for my boyfriend. Even though it's a book skewered for married couples, i think a boy-girl relationship has the same fundamentals.

 He read The Game, i read The Power of Seduction. We've achieved netting a partner, now it's time to read books to maintain that partnership.

 I want to be an even better girlfriend.

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