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Monday, January 18, 2010

I think you would already have read in the news about the biggest Haiti earthquake in the past 200 years. While images of despair and distraught floods the media, what disturbs me most are these.

People are looting from homes and shops for food and amenities. Some out of desperation for basic needs, some out of pure evil, taking advantage of the disaster to gain.

What troubled me was a furious mob lynching a man accused of looting in Petionville.

They stripped him naked and beat him up in front of children.

He was then tossed onto a thrash heap before being set alight. Dozens watched him burn to death.

For all we might know, this man could have looted because he was in desperate need for food.

How sad is it, that the earthquake didn't kill him but his people did.

Why are people criticising the USA for not doing enough anyway? I commend the Americans for always being the first in every disaster stricken nation's relief efforts. There're as big powerhouses around too. China could participate in pumping in some donations.

Once again, how fortunate Singaporeans are to be in a place that have no natural disasters. Here we are, sitting behind our desks, blogging on our $2000 macs and toshibas.

The earthquake also damaged the National Penitentiary allowing 3,000 inmates to break out. Can you imagine the fear the victims have amidst the despair? Needless to say, the policemen might have to deal with their own loss yet they still have to maintain law and order.

Do you remember the days when Singaporeans drop in some loose change and even 10 cents to shoo that flag bearer away. Or 50 cents just so to have that sticker as immunity to other flag bearers you encounter around the island.

I remember when i was in school and was assigned to beg  ask for donations, i was very shocked to receive $10 from a passer-by. I was shocked because no one ever dropped that much in my hours of standing at that walkway. Then i was encouraged to know there are generous people still.

From now on, i vow to drop in something to every flag bearer i encounter. Be it for the orhpanage, the old aged, the sick or for relief efforts.

And it won't be a coin.

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