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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Sighting!

Bumblebee takes us out to play!

The soft launch to public opens today. I got a sneak peek last weekend!

I was the first to clamour up, then the rest followed.

Like a bunch of sua kus (ignorant), armed with cameras...we snap at everything and anything. This is inside the lift.

The lobby that most of you would have already seen in the media.

The bar in the middle of the lobby. Frankly, the deco didn't wow me. There are countless function rooms in the basement and i'm not quite sure if it's counted as Hard Rock Hotel still, or we were out of HR already...because the deco is VERY CHING CHONG OBIANG! Abit like Genting. The giant flower mortifs on the wall.

Somehow it reminds me of something obscene. We hear the boss likes flowers, thus the deco.

But, they have the largest ballroom in Asia though.

Set for international conferences.

Summits will be held.

Our tour group of about 20 people.

The poor service staff who had to satisfy our demands of cam whoring. There were 10 cameras, each waiting its turn!

We couldn't get to see the famous Hard Rock Hotel's pool. It's taunted to be the happening pool for the rich and famous.

Sadly to say, the international buffet dinner disappointed. For $39 (dinner) , and $22 (lunch), i was apalled to hear the lunch and dinner menu is EXACTLY THE SAME!

There wasn't much of a variety for an international buffet. There was smoked salmon with 3 choices of raw vegetables. There's tuna with cucumber salad and ham and mushroom salad (which tasted sour by the way).

The kids corner (i assume) has the mini burgers (which is not bad of the lot), bolognise pasta and stir fried long beans.

Then there's 1 beef stew with fried potatos. 1 choice of roast meat (beef).

The Indian section was abit more appealing. With 1 tikka chicken, 1 redang, 1 curry chicken and 2 types of nann and 1 saffron rice. They don't taste fantastic, however. Little India is better.

That's all you have for the seafood section. I didn't take the mussels. The oysters were good (according to oyster lovers), the prawns were not too bad.

There's only ONE choice for Chinese cuisine. Tom Yum noodles...and it can't even be compared to canteen food.

Ok, the photos may look nice but yeeeah, they're not state-of-the-art.

I liked this walkway though. Initially, i wasn't thinking about going down, but when i heard this melodious music coming out from my left side, i was just drawn to it. Like i was hypnotised.

They had these multimedia screen where they have fishies swimming across and birds flying coupled with enchanting music. It's like the second grade version, being not able to build a tube of real sea creatures (ala Underwater World style). Orchard Mrt has a similar escalator concept too.

So other than the disappointing meal, we were the privileged few to have a first sighting!

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