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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cockiness is a Turn-Off.

Having confidence is one thing, but not knowing humility is another. I have always thought highly of this female model whom shrugs off flattery and compliments. But she turned me off once when i was engrossed  talking to her and she suddenly started waving enthusiastically to something BEHIND me. " Hello me!" she screeched. I turned, and saw her billboard  >_<

Now, i can totally understand if you were excited seeing your billboard for the first time, BUT i knew it wasn't her first time because countless of people have been smsing her and sending her the MMS and emailing her the image. Heck, even if i see her on some magazine, i would keep it and pass it to her.

It's somehow different if you love taking narcissist shots of yourself, posting it up or simply camwhoring (which i am completely guilty of sometimes), but when you start directing people's attention in irrelevant situations (like the above), that is just so cocky! Actually, there're many variations of needing to validate your beauty from others. Some girls who are obviously slim and pretty like to say/ask "i am so fat!" "i am so ugly" or "are you sure it looks good in me?"

However, that can be understood  because girls naturally are less secure about themselves and therefore seek assurance. If a  person starts behaving like everybody worships the ground he/she walks on, that makes him/her ugly in my perspective. That's not confidence, that's being proud and that ain't a compliment.

That's the female example. Now, the male example i encountered....

This friend of mine who is in an incredible good profession, very intelligent and witty, very generous and gentlemanly BUT he just won't stop being cocky!

I regret ever complimenting him on his intelligence and attractiveness ( i believe in giving friends and love ones affirmation but i do not believe in paying lip service). Ok, i said that because he was down at that period having relationship problems and all. What i said was what i really thought and also to cheer him up (it's that bitch's loss etc).

Huge mistake. Ever since then, he's been going "Honey, if you were single, i bet you would jump right on me." or " You know want me." I have male friends who share with me their intimate conquests occassionally. He, i felt he was blowing his own trumpet. Although subtly, because he is well educated to package his words nicely. Because he's a friend whom i value and likes his every other aspect as a person (other than his cockiness), i have been biting my tongue. My tolerance in maintaining politeness is wearing out though. It irks me that he assumes i SO WANNA BE WITH HIM (trust me, i never did mislead him other than to give that compliment on his attractiveness when he was down) and it irks me that he presumes he knows me SO well that even my boyfriend whom i see regularly is still getting to know me better after a year.

I tolerate and grit my teeth. Maybe it's because he's getting hitched. Maybe he is fearful that women will no longer other than that lonesome ONE be validating him. After all, according to his statistics, he had a large number of women. He need to come to terms that will have to end.

It's abit like the following clip below: its a voice message left by Dimitri who after harrassing a girl at a restaurant, she gives him her name card to get him to go away. He left 2 messages. Listen to it.

Its infuriating and hilarious. After googling it, it seems like this is a viral marketing plan to prepare the public for Dimitri The Lover movie in 2010. People are guessing it's going to be Borat style. Now, Dimitri however is a REAL person. Another seduction guru, like i have mentioned before about Neil Strauss (this is real business man!)

This is Dimitri. Now, he is this "incredibly charamastic eccentric disgusting funny charming guy",  His seduction methods are unique and they have documented in this film coming up. His website is highly entertaining (note: better to surf when you're out of public eye) . Now, based on the seduction community and all these guidelines that The Game has set, i wonder how can the peacock method (wear a pink boa or a feather hat) can bring in girls (she will think you've bad dress sense or you just look bad, period) or how can the neg method ( negatively commenting on a girl) can turn her on or how can acting all cocky will get you laid.

Now, i've a few friends who i think are hot yet blush when you compliment them, shrug their shoulders and go all shy on you.

The first is my boyfriend, who declines to have his picture put on the wall-of-fame.

The second is his best friend, its impolite to put up his picture because he is technically not my friend.

The third is my diving buddy. Who looks totally like Dawyne Johnson (wrestler The Rock), including having his body.

Then it's lawyer Toh who i am proud of because i get free legal advice. Also a 2008 Cleo Bachelor finalist, just not very photogenic.

Then it's YM, whom i have one girlfriend already queuing up for an introduction. She saw his photo in my photo album and immediately went "INTRO!!"

Jeremy, the heart throb who had a fan club in high school. I remember on the first day of school, there was alot of whispers going around saying "there's an ang moh, there's an ang moh!" Ang Moh in neighbourhood school is rare mah. I went over thinking "what's the BIG DEAL?!" Then chey...not ang moh lah. Eurasian. Watered down version somemore. Hahahaa..but we became good friends because we were on the same Judo team.

Onisuka looks like a Japanese.

He shaved his eyebrows once and put 3 strokes to it. Now i just can't stop looking at his eyebrows as if something is missing!

I'm not sure if my taste is your taste. They're single and eligible. I shall be their pimp!

And so you see, "a man is more attractive when he is hot but DOESN'T KNOW IT."

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Anonymous said...

The voicemails are FAKE. They are a VIRAL MARKETING HOAX by Hollywood producer Brad Goodman, who worked on Bruno, Borat, Religulous. Dimitri The Lover is a REAL person and Mr. Goodman chose to do a documentary about him due to his aggressive (yes successful!) seduction acument. Mr. Goodman discusses the movie HERE. Dimitri The Lover's banned animations are HERE. Dimitri The Lover's twitter is HERE

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