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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Good Life at 1-Altitude Stellar

Bank Advertisements usually pull out cliche lifestyle scenes of people having fancy dinners and designer houses. What if a bank really would equip you with the lifestyle? Well, we had it at least for an evening. Standard Chartered Bank invited us for the launch of The-Good-Life-Mobile App for a FREE dinner at One Altitude. 
The ambience of the restaurant is sleek and classy. Ceiling to floor windows guarantees you a view without overlooking construction sites, unlike from atop Marina Bay Sands. 

Here we have the entree, an succulent chewy fresh piece of  octopus served atop a pistachio blend with passion fruit. Simply divine, i can't even imagine how they did the thin piece of garlic bread adorning the entree. Fine dining always comes with foam in the dish, i wonder who started the trend.
 Then it was crab meat salad with a sprinkling of caviar.
The wagyu beef was a little disappointment because it didn't melt in my mouth as i expected wagyu to but nonetheless it was a really good piece of meat! Juicy, tender and thick. 

Dessert was different from the usual. A cream brulee was encased in a white chocolate shell. Warm passionfruit sauce was then drizzled atop to melt away, revealing within. It was a tad too sweet for my liking but nonetheless a show to enjoy.

 1-Altitude also boasts of an open air rooftop bar. 

As i take a deep breath, I exclaim at the top of the world, "What a Good Life!"

Signing off, 
Guest Blogger

Standard Chartered cardholders get 15-20% off dining at 1-Altitude. Don't think you can remember this? Download the Good Life iPhone app to make it easy to locate all 1600 merchants. A conduit to all the experiences The Good Life brings!

1-Altitude is located at 1 Raffles Place Singapore
6438 0410

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