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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A narrow walkway high above the ground is called a cat walk because you have to be as surefooted as a cat to avoid stumbling or falling off of its narrow surface.
 Especially true when you're wearing long hanboks.
I really think i'll make quite a hot pregnant woman. Haha!
I love the adrenaline of a fashion show. Korean hair stylist Joel Park curled my hair in 3 mins FLAT. I was half afraid he's gonna burn my face. Ozone friendly, he hardly used any hair spray on the models!
Essentials for a fashion show:

1. Nude safety pants + 2. Strapless bra/ nude tube top
(the mall could only provide a small storeroom sized changing room where 4 girls squeezed in. Inevitibly, the door swings open quite alot while we're changing. Lucky shoppers hanging around back-stage probably got more than an eyeful/mouthful.

Look! I zao kheng. I threw on the top so quickly to realise a big arm hole and didn't come prepared with a tube top. That's why runway models don't wear bras. So that they didn't have to bother with the right bra with the right clothes. Imagine VBL or VPL (visible panty line). They're most likely A cups and therefore not an eye sore (albeit a happy one, imagine bouncy tits). They do use nipple tape though, no errect nipples please.

Warning: Not wearing bras could lead to this though....
I was in a fashion show and I had on a strapless top. When I got to the end the top was down.

Adriana Lima
Some fashion brands  pick ugly but tall models on purpose. They are afraid that a pretty face might draw away the attention meant for the clothes. That in my opinon, is an insecure fashion designer. How does this hot VS model NOT accenturate what she's wearing which makes silly women like me buy them and realise it doesn't make us half as hot!?!
Well, everyone has their own style in walking the runway. The westerners don't usually smile, local companies prefer us to smile. Some models prance the runway like Bambi, some bounce like hop scotch. The ones who sashay sultry is a turn-off to me personally.Maybe it'll work with lingerie shows, but not with fashion.
Work to your own style, life is too short to blend in.

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