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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just as all that hype about Inception dies down, I want to say I LOVE DREAMING!! Scientists say dreams don’t happen when you’re in deep sleep, which means if you’re dreaming, you aren’t fully resting! I have no problems with that, because I love dreaming and I like remembering dreams. I don’t feel awfully tired after a night of dreams though, in fact most of the time I wake up with a silly smile plastered on my face. And yes, girls do get wet dreams too..
I’m a very intuitive person, I have dreamt of events that gave an ominous sign. There was a period when I kept dreaming of a lover cheating on me, and for a long while I kept getting that same message in different dream scenarios. It could be because of a previous experience that subconsciously caused a kind of fear. But the dreams stopped coming after found some discriminating evidence months later! That was one dream I didn’t want to come true. Some people claim that because you keep thinking of a lover cheating, which causes distrust, jealously and possessive which all the more propels him to act on what you expect. That wasn’t the case. I didn’t act on my dreams and I’m not such an insecure person. Still, instead of getting all depressed over the evidence, I was reeling in how powerful my dreams were!

So powerful that I can “attack my attacker” too. I bit someone in my sleep before. Because this someone likes to play rough with me in conscious state which I told this someone to “stop doing that” countless times. Having a dreamer bite the sleeper beside certainly gives anyone a rude shock!

So powerful that I tear in real life while dreaming, as well as pee in real life while dreaming. Yes, you heard me. I am a bed wetter. When I was 9, that is. I remember my mum was so pissed (pardon the pun), she made me sleep beside the toilet. Damn that dream that made me dream I was in the toilet, needing to go. Despite the fact that dream content is often impossible or improbable, we experience dreams as if they are real because there is a complete suspension of self-reflection (we are not aware that we are dreaming) and logic (impossible experiences of time, places, people, and actions) during dreaming.
Here is a good image to understand the sleep cycle.
Dream sleep is viewed by leading sleep researchers as the brain's system for processing emotions, discharging emotional stress, consolidating memories, and regularly suspending daily self-consciousness. Dr. Allan Hobson, a leading dream researcher at Harvard Medical School, has characterized dream sleep as being similar to psychopathological conditions such psychoses.

Let’s see…what emotional stress do I secretly have from my dream symbols?

Urinal -A need to unleash or eliminate store up emotions.


(1) Dreams of urinating may be caused by a full bladder and usually has little or no psychological significance.
(2) Urinating may be a symbol for sexual desire, representing sexual emissions.

I think at 9 years old, it should be (1).


(1) an unconscious expression of anger or resentment that is difficult to express. The difficulty in expressing the anger may come from a feeling of powerlessness. For example, biting a supervisor in a dream may point to feelings of anger at the supervisor herself, or may represent general feelings of anger about the job - feelings that can't be expressed for fear of losing the job.
(2) Fear is another reason for biting. Many animal bites occur when an animal feels threatened or cornered and attacks out of fear. Therefore, biting in a dream may symbolize similar fearful feelings.
(3) Protection or territoriality is something else that is expressed when biting another. Is there something in your life that you feel is under attack; something you feel is in need of protection?
I suppose I felt like I needed to protect myself from this someone who kept manhandling me.
Dream sleep is, like psychoses, characterized by illogical thinking, lack of self-awareness, and hallucinations (that is, we believe something is real during a dream even though it is imaginary). Why the brain insures that we experience such non-rational states on a daily basis is unclear. Nevertheless, the fact that this occurs every night during sleep suggest that loss of self-awareness is in some way beneficial to the brain. Don’t you think how amazing how the body works? How dumbfounding creation is?

Facts above extracted from Talk About Sleep.
Photos: All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2010 Elwin Goh.

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