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Thursday, August 12, 2010

GV Demolition Party

My Australian friend Kara loves durians AND Phua Chu Kang. God knows how she knows about him, but she actually has this stored in her Ipod. She actually knew the lyrics to it! I didn't even know PCK had this song because i was away from Singapore at that time.
If only she could be with me at yesterday's party. I wasn't around in Singapore when PCK spoke good English just because the Gah-men was hoping he'd set a good example. It flopped, and it wasn't funny anymore. So the Gah-men gave up and reverted back to Singlish for the recent Good Train Manners video. I'm glad his new movie has huge doses of Singlish, a language we Singaporeans embrace. I adore PCK, its the best sitcom Singapore has ever produced. You Tube has many episodes uploaded for those who wants to reminisce. For those who never had a chance to go into Crazy Horse, here's an episode where you get a glimpse of its.......toilet.

The GV party was awesome! Any party is awesome if good food is provided. I skipped lunch for this! A little birdie told me the food is from Orange Clove. I had 3 servings...
Do you remember seeing this GV uniform at all?? It's in 1992, when i was old enough to visit cinemas but i had no recollection AT ALL! It looks like a dress for pregnant women anyway.
This, i remember. The vests were kinda apt. In Hollywood movies, ticketing roles always wear vests. Now, the GV staff wear black polo tee and pants. Cathay usher's wear bow ties! Cute.
Very appropriately screened, PCK's new movie was scheduled to be THE LAST SCREENING at GV Yishun before demolition starts exactly at 12 midnight.
Well, the movie was really nothing to rave about. But it was 90 mins of mindless heartland laughs. Seeing PCK on big screen was surreal though, never would have imagined that to happen. New episodes of PCK no longer telecast on Singapore's channels, but across the waters! So the movie has a Malaysian setting.
Irene is really slim in person, but on screen everything is magnified, including nostrils. I think her head is too big, the hair-do doesn't help.
I was looking forward to entering the demolition hall. A hall set aside for us to take a peice of GV Yishun home. It's been around for 18 years, and now going through a face-lift. With expectations, comes great disappointments. I was already plotting to take an entire arm chair back home or perhaps a popcorn machine!

Alas, what's found inside were tiny plates of seat numbers, peices of carpet mounted on frames, ALOT of movie posters and standees (but not the cut-out shape ones).
Maybe the arm rest complete with cup holder will fit in your own chair.
I took Ip Man's poster as well as Angelina Jolie's new movie, SALT. Any bidders?
GV Yishun re-opens in Nov. I'm curious as to what it'll look like. Wendy's, the much talked about American fast food is downstairs (is it good?).

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