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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Being Capable.

My family isn’t rich and I am the daughter instead of the son. Often, I had to earn my keep and work for what I covet after. Allowance from my parents was such a painful and hurtful experience (if I was considered disobedient, instead of curfews, I get my allowance deducted), I vowed to gain financial independence as soon as I can.

I started wanting things when I hit puberty. Quite understandably, that’s the age when you needed some degree of looking fashionable and fitting in.
Looking like Red Power Ranger is no more cute after 12.
Sure, i can get all pose-y, but having my mother buy my swimming costume, for sure won't look like the one i bought for myself. 

When it comes to big ticket items, other than having my first mobile phone, a Nokia 3210 bought by a male suitor and my first boom box given by a female suitor, I am proud to say any big ticket item thereafter that I lust for is bought with my own hands.

How do i afford the pretty things you see? My secret is...
Discount-o (hai はい) cards! I know...i am very AUNTIE. But being an Auntie means savings ok!

10x0.10=1x10=$10x10=$1000. You do the maths.

At a young age, I was taught to value my body and that it is precious. Many girls gave their bodies to men in return for material luxuries. Then of course there are the manipulative ones who get their branded handbags without committing to the man. Fortunately I was never obsessed with brands, yet at the same time because I so eagerly craved for financial independence, away from my parents, I also gained financial independence, away from men.

Sometimes I feel darn proud of my own capability. Yet sometimes, I am wary of being strong. Just sometimes, I want to be that little girl to be doted upon.
Behind every successful woman, is herself.

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