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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You've Got Talent.

My greatest regret is not nurturing a talent. Like i mentioned before, my mum tried and failed because i had the attention span of a squirrel. So i was never really good at anything. I can't sing, i can't dance.
Stick figures are art to me.
The only one thing i'm good at is Judo. Although the REAL reason why i'm good at it was i'm more terrified of being disfigured or dislocated. Ok, i've won debates and story telling compeitions too, but they weren't international.

Whenever it comes to Talent Time of any sort, i'll have NOTHING to perform. When i performed that magic trick to Liu Qian...i thought, yes!maybe this is something i can try and be good at!

But look at the disatrous results....
 Step 1: Show audience your rabbit
Step 2: Do a quick switch and distract audience with your OTHER fist.
 Step 3: Distract audience with some joke (one thing i'm really good at though, is gift of the gab) while slipping the rabbit under your ass.
Step 4: Laugh some more with the audience.
Step 5: Ta-DAH! Rabbit has disappeared.

As you can see, my magic miserably failed. A magician NEVER reveals her trick, but the camera man sabotaged me with a wide-angle shot. Oh well, this further proves to me I've got NO TALENT!

But at least i own friends who do (the green one)!

I wish i can buy Apple Girl too with Facebook credits.

She's actually Korean and ironically she sings better in English than speaking in English.

Now, she's really talented because she played music with 1,2,3,4,5 iphones.

I may not have a valid talent, but at least i share a similar characteristic with the Apple Girl.
Stylish Nails!! That'll last 2 weeks, and thus will end my talented association.

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