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Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Impressions.

It's for your own good when our government emphasizes relentlessly and pushes so many Speak Good English campaigns.

In case your listening failed as badly as her spoken, she meant:

1. i wish men in China were be more respectful
2. shoes, they bring you a long way
3. i'm 19, no bad date

The thing is Miss Uruguay can't really speak good English either! But did you find her as hilarious as Miss China? Was it because she's prettier (subjective) and so it's more acceptable? Do i find her more exotic than Miss China because I'm Asian and vice versa, an Ang Moh will perhaps find Tang Wei utterly adorable with that spluttering English? Bet you're curious about Singapore's representative.

Our neighbour's.

Can't see her make-up. You can go on surfing the other videos. I haven't come across any that is really stunning.But i love the concept of the following video.

Ok, the first half is stunning, the second half just looked crazy.


孫邦柔 said...

用心經營blog,人氣百分百~^^ 加油

Goldfish Uncle said...

Hahaha Ms China is cute, Lion " Owww-woooo~"... Car Engine "Woong woooong"... and then end it with a "Har-Low..hurhurhur.. haarrrloowww"

she's amazing

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