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Friday, August 6, 2010

Sing,Sing A Song

Thanks to HTC, we got tickets to Singfest along with a meet-and-greet pass. It's my first time going to an outdoor concert, here're some tips to remember.
1) Bring a picnic mat! We forgot, so we had to sit on grass that smelt like puke. Alcohol is served at Singfest, we were there on the second day. Go figure.
2) Bring a quirky fan, it keeps you cool and it's a magnet for making new friends!
3) Wear comfortable flats and not 4 inch heels.
4) High waisted pants, tucked in shirt, with dress shoes and red cap is NOT COOL for a rock concert.
5) Even though it's an outdoor event that makes you perspire, wear something comfortable yet fashionable. I like the lady in pink.
6) Wear deodorant and shave (very important) as you'll be raising your armpits ALOT.
The meet-and-greet was quite literally meet-and-greet. This sheet of paper stuck back stage states the bands's line-up and when is flash photography allowed, when not.
Clamouring up on stage in the holding area, we just meet the singer, pose for a group picture then exit. Then again, we haven't got much to chat with the singer anyway. I told Diane Birch her skirt is translucent! Dumb pick-up line ;p Except one member of Kool and The Gang who came to chat my friend up.
Here with Diane Birch.
Legendary disco band, Kool and The Gang.

People might get jaded after hearing Do it for Charity so often. But seriously, think how fortunate you are as compared to the people who need help. Furthermore, it really doesn't take much of you when you can afford a brand new phone! HTC is auctioning an autographed Wildfire!

Submit your bids for the autographed phone of your choice to with the following detials.
Name, IC, address, contact, code* and bid amt (min. $500)
Katy Perry: WILD-KP
Kanye West: WILD-KW
Tokio Hotel: WILD-TH

Proceeds go to the Society for the Physically Disabled. Bidding ends next Friday 13th Aug, 11.59pm!

You know, every Tom Dick Harry has an Iphone. I am actually on the hunt for a new phone. Very tempted to get an Iphone, but how timely…maybe I ought to consider HTC! Do charity, and be different. Double whammy! Quietly brillant.

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