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Monday, June 4, 2012

Super Blogger Award

Below are my thoughts to bagging the Super Blogger Award. An award meant to salute bloggers who have enriched the blogosphere with invaluable blog content. Once again, i'd like to ask Anna who nominated me in the Blog Awards 2010 to step forward and claim credit. Without you, i would have continued thinking i am a schizo.

1/ How do you feel about receiving the Super Blogger Award?
I’m ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED! Giving a non cliche answer for a cliche question. Anything with a ’super’ in front, comes great responsibilities and expectations right? I just always try to do something out of the ordinary, i’ve an extraordinary thumb anyway. Ask to see it if you see me, it’s a one-woman freak show. Wait, am i answering your question?

2/ What did you gain most during these years of blogging? How did you counter-attack any weariness that deters you from blogging? (if any at all)
Weight from from food tastings. Because i’m not as hard working as the food bloggers, i actually eat them hot, quickly and everything. Haha. No, what i really gained was i learnt I’m actually normal! I am not schizo, i am actually NOT talking to myself in my blog (readers’ emails testify that), and i am not the only one with weird habits.

I’ve always been judged since i can remember, staying positive is the best counter-attack. Reverse psychology works like a gem.

3/ How do you think bloggers can play a part in contributing to society, either in general or in any specific area?
The pen is mightier than the sword. Why is Harry Potter such a successful book? Because it’s a story of loyalty, courage and redemption. If blogs and their writers can portray the same, it’ll liven up readers’ spirits, unite netizens and change the world.

4/ Given the many other social media platforms available these days, what do you think is/are the most valuable aspect(s) about blogs that the other channels not able to surpass/replace?
There’s a book called “Write your Way out of Cancer”. Writing is therapeutic, much is put into thought as a wordsmith. You can put in your style with layout and widgets, you can create compelling content and you definitely don’t write about shit like how you will tweet.

5/ If you are a Superhero, who do you think you will be and why? What kind of Superpower do you think you will possess? (If none of the existing superheros match what you have in mind, create your own and tell us!)
I’m a Super Blogger! My powers are a shape shifter, a mind reader and transporter.

The Singapore Blog Awards committee is honoured to present the salutation also to Peter BreitkreutzCatherine LingGoh Yong Wei, and Eunice Khong. You may read their interview here.

5 comments: said...

Hi "Chrispy",

Congratulations on the Super Hero (Blogger) Award !

I was shocked by the link to your "weird habits"! It could definitely bring you some points if you bring up the post for the WTH entries!

Anyway, Just wanna Say "Grats" and "Hi"

Good Luck for the WTH Category!

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks! Hehe but then everyone'll know my weird habits!!

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