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Monday, June 4, 2012

Flying Solo.

Once upon a time, i've never travelled alone. I was either with family, friends or boyfriend. This summer, my first solo trip was made. Experts encourage this move because it boosts confidence, changes the way your mind works and makes you more self-aware.

To be honest, i don't think my confidence needs any working and i've all along knew what i like and want. Yet, 2 weeks before departure, i was getting a little nervous. I couldn't figure out how to take trains from Point A to B in Europe and worst of all, i had to read the book Minds of a Cannibal where i was informed in UK, cannibalism is not a crime. I thought about bringing a pepper spray, so that in the event that it doesn't fend off my attacker, i can at least offer to pepper myself.

Alas, pepper spray was not available for sale in Singapore.

I did enjoy flying solo in Switzerland. I discovered anonymous tiny towns, like finding the mini muddy fountain where Evian spring water flows freely while back home people pay $3. Taking a train, subway and a ferry which costs a total of SGD 80, i felt naive when i eventually found the fountain. Still, it was quite a solo adventure!
Grand Hotel Du Lac

Except there's no one to share the hotel with which is a real pity because the bed could have slept 2!

The tripod is your best friend.
Who wouldn't complain even if you want a gazillion pictures with different poses at the same spot.
I thought i would be doing alot of thinking, getting some revelations because i was traveling solo but all i did was soak up the atmosphere.
Pets were allowed on trains! So is eating and drinking so there's lotsa litter.
I did however, get writing inspirations and goals i want to achieve for 2012 at work.

People pay $100 to eat in silence, as we did to eat in pitch darkness. While the concept behind eating in the dark is to let us appreciate sight better, the concept behind eating in silence is so that we can focus on food enjoyment. People go to such  restaurants in pairs or more and you experience awkward silence while eating because it's unusual.

However, when traveling solo, you don't have to pay a premium to eat in silence!

Yes, you do end up eating more than you should and yes you can immediately tell if the dish is no good because there is no distraction!

You visit places alone,
A replica of a stake where witches are burnt in medieval times.

Taking the chocolate train to the chocolate factory.

I find it very cute that Cailler showed us the safe where "secret recipes" are locked up.
and when you miss a train in Europe, you need to wait 1 hour for the next one. 
So the tripod is really your best friend to while time away.

Unfortunately, your best friend sucked at conceptual photos. I was trying to "grab the fork".

Failed miserably.

Settled for this.

Travel solo, will i do it again? I guess i would, but sights, food and fun is meant to be shared.

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