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Friday, June 29, 2012

Get a Facial

Every time I schedule a trip, I will also pre-book a facial. I'm kiasu like that because I like to get a facial as soon as I touch down, get a through cleansing because I am now home.

Also all that travelling and change in climates may also wreck up skin conditions.
I was so desperate in Europe because my skin was getting very dry & uneven that I started considering Europe spas! Only to know they don't do extraction yet charge an exorbitant $300! If it's just a scrub and a mask,I can do it myself at home right?

I end up paying $8 for a tiny 15ml tube of scrub at Boots which didn't help clear up the roughness much.

So it was heaven when I checked into my favourite face spa.
 The ambience is right, the lights are welcoming.

 The right jazz tunes lulls me into bliss.
Want to extend that holiday feeling alittle longer? Check into a face spa.
Call 6227 9692 for appointment booking. Porcelain, The Face Spa is located at 31A Cantonment Road (3 mins walk from Outram MRT, Exit H) Alternatively, you may visit their website at

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