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Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm Scootin' Outta Here

Gold Coast, also known as Surfers' Paradise, was a place i went when i was 15. Memories are distant now, i can't quite recall what was Gold Coast like. Google jogs my memory and i'm getting really wet excited!
Even better, new low cost airline owned by parent company Singapore Airlines, SCOOT looks to flying Singaporeans to Gold Coast 7 hours away!
Surfers' paradise for the weekend? A jet setter's life is attainable! You just need to cut down on eating out, alcohol, shopping.
Now, flight advertisements can be often misleading because it excludes tax. While a Jetstar flight to Perth (5 hours) may be as much as $600, I went to click around and found Scoot's flight to Gold Coast in June is only $500!

It's winter now in Gold Coast (12-19 degrees), i guess if I've to hit the beach, i'll need a fur bikini!
Made of DOG fur.
SCOOT and Queensland Tourism Board have kindly invited me on their inaugural flight next Tues.

I'm Scootin' Outta Here!


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