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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sex on the Beach: Honeymoon spots in Gold Coast.

This is a media trip made possible by Scoot and Tourism Queensland.

I've always thought that Italy would make a good honeymoon destination. It's romantic (ride a gondola down Venice), loads to explore and Italian cuisine's my favourite!

Then, my friend returned from her honeymoon in Italy FAT. Pasta and pizza's the culprit, with not much adrenaline activities other than brisk walking to avoid pick pockets.

That made me think twice about Italy for a honeymoon, i can't so soon become a 黄脸婆 (let loose after marriage).

Little did i know that romantic spots are closer to home.
If you care for a little role play ala Austin Powers, 

Nostalgic, quirky and full of vibrant colours, expect to be transported to the 50s.
Hotel service staff fitted to theme.

QT Gold Coast spares no expense in fitting out the place according to theme. Every detail is paid attention to, from the spa to the bar to even the lifts!
Tastefully done, there're surprises to discover within the rooms too. Check out the retro looking cocktail mixers.

He and She cocktail mixers, put them together, you get Sex on the Beach.
Want to make home like QT? Almost anything found in the room is available for purchase in the gift shop. Prices start at AUD 165 for a night.

Wait a minute, we may be jumping the gun. If you haven't proposed, consider doing it on Mt Tamborine. About 40 minutes drive from Gold Coast, The Escarpment Retreat offers a proposal package!

Enter the enchanted forest that leads up to
the highest look-out point of Escarpment.
Here you have exclusive access to the Lovers' View. Standing on the edge of the cliff with an award winning view through the valleys to the coast. The bride-to-be upon accepting proposal may ask irrelevant questions like "if me and your mum falls off the cliff, who will you save?"

For only AUD 205, you get a 90 minute pre proposal massage to ensure she is relaxed and in the mood. It also includes proposal props like candles, music player, sparkling wine, chocolates and oh, A KNEELING CUSHION.

We were told by Gary, the owner, that some weeks ago, a suave young man landed beside the canopy with his gorgeous girlfriend IN A HELICOPTER and proposed! Very James Bond like, hard to match that.

What strikes me while at The Escarpment Retreat was that this romantic abode actually holds much lovers' stories!

Originally owned by a powerful lady named Divinia (which means divine), she also called herself an Earth Goddess because she had a green thumb. Feeling intimidated, her husband changed his name from Sorrel to Jesus. Thus, the slogan "Heaven meets Earth" for this abode that won Travelers' Choice 2012 in Trip Advisor.

After changing hands a couple of times, it finally lands in Gary and Trudy's laps. Privately owned, it's no easy feat for this couple to run all 4 acres of lush botanical gardens on Mt Tamborine!

In fact, Trudy is a Singaporean! She met her husband 15 years ago, before Facebook or even JPEGS existed! Their love story was an inspiring one. Trudy was feeling down in Singapore and her friend who knew Gary from abroad persuaded Trudy to start a pen pal-ship with Gary. Because of her bravery to start the first email, friendship struck easily over email and after 1 month of intense emailing, they met. The first time they met, they were blindfolded. Because they had not exchanged pictures prior to meeting, Gary decided he wanted to ease them into seeing each other for the first time.

I wished i could sit down and hear their love story in detail all afternoon.

With such love stories backing The Escarpment, i'm sure any proposal taking place on those grounds will be auspicious! Gary have yet to get back if there'll be refunds or discounts on a failed proposal. Hah! For someone who never did send a photo over email, Gary sure knows how to utilize social media platforms to promote The Escarpment in this digital era. Check out his website to see videos of the place.

The Songbirds Rainforest Retreat, however, is where i wish i can hold my wedding. A multiple award winning restaurant, villa and escapade, you'll be guaranteed a fairy-tale wedding.
Stairway to Heaven at the entrance of Songbirds
Nestled amongst the rainforest, the air is cool and crisp. Experience Australia's ancient rainforest in idyllic surroundings. I love walking through the charming place where one spot is full of tall tropical trees, another area is empty, spacious with open skies and then suddenly it's a pathway flogged by bamboos leading up to your villa.
 Antone Bruinsama sculptures gives the grounds some character. They are all for sale.
 A wedding was held exactly at this spot 2 days ago!
Queensland Restaurant of the Year is open to public with the casual but sophisticated ambience while the rainforest creates a romantic backdrop by night.
Meanwhile, villas start at AUD 298 per night for 2 and a wedding ceremony for 20 starts at AUD 5000. Enquire here.

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