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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What are your Habits?

I have always been a very curious girl, sometimes too curious for my own good but most times curious for good. The weirdest habit I can remember that I have as a kid was to dig my ass and smell it.
Yes, you heard me right. I dig my ass and smell it. Not penetrating, but just gently scratching around the rim and smelling. No, I do not do it on a naked ass, but you’ll be surprised you still get a smell through the clothes! 
I never thought I was weird, I thought every kid did that. After all, I always see my elder brother waving his finger to the other brother asking him to smell it and I am guessing he just put it somewhere gross (i.e. ass).
 There's alot of "Smell My Finger" pictures on the internet by the way. 

Then I went to the Your Body exhibition at Science Center and there was an exhibit where they had 4 tunnels with smells captured from “your ” feet, ass, nostrils and armpits. 

I lift the flaps gingerly, afraid to smell “someone else’s”. Boy, it was NASTY. The exhibit’s objective was to teach us about germs, I suppose.  Only then did I stop my weird habit, because I realized it’s unhygienic and definitely disgusting.

Deep down I am in denial of my childhood habit being weird. I do ask my friends if they dig and smell their ass as a kid and although all of them raise their eyebrow at me and say “No Way”, I think they are liars. Of course, I didn’t tell them I did that, I merely shrug and said, “Oh, I heard that children do that” but here I am baring my soul. I feel safe talking to myself.

In my teenage years, I developed a different type of habit. I’d say its paranoia. I would often go to the toilet before I leave home, before I go to bed. I don’t think I have pee, but I’d still go anyway. I have a fear of wetting my bed because I once dreamt I was in a bathroom and the cubicles were full so I squat on the floor and released. I woke up drenched.  I will often feel I forgot to lock up,  thus often making a trip back after leaving.
My friends joke that I have obsessive-compulsive disorder just because I don’t like to swap saliva by sharing utensils or drinks.

What weird habits do you have? If you'd care to leave an anonymous comment. What do you collect secretly? Soft toys in jars maybe?

Whatever your weird habits or secrets may be, 

Mysophilia: Arousal from smelling or chewing on dirty underwear and menstrual pads.

Emetophilia: Fetish for throwing up and being thrown up on.

Kokigami: Wrapping your male genitals in a paper costume like origami fish, birds, dragons etc.

Homilophilia: Arousal when listening to or giving public speeches

somewhere in this world, someone will love and accept you the way you are.


Anonymous said...

i eat my booger

King said...

Rub your eyes and smell the region that you rubbed your eyes with.
If you are afraid of turning blind due to the pressure and the mechanical damage to the cornea,fret not,so as long you don't rub it too hard. Occasional rubs are fine too.
Disgusting as it may sound to others,the smell is actually addictive.

Anonymous said...

collecting and counting dropped hair

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